Wells Fargo Harvey Was Wrong About 2020 But Predicts 2021 Anyway

Wells Fargo, Chris Harvey, was wrong about 2020. He called for getting out of the stock market before the 16% increase in the SP500 in 2020.

“We kinda hate this market,” Harvey told CNBC’s “Trading Nation” on Wednesday. “When did we stop liking this market? It’s been relatively recent. The market has moved very close to our price target, and many of the catalysts that we talked about have played out.”

Wells Fargo, Chris Harvey says Tesla will crash in 2021 and people should buy stocks that they thought were bad in 2020.

On Sept 27, 2020, Harvey said it was too risky to put money in stocks. This was when the SP500 was at 3298. The SP500 is now 13% higher after 90 days.

Most Wall Street Analysts Have Been Wrong About Tesla

The 32 analysts have in general maintained 11 sell ratings, 13 hold ratings and 8 buy ratings for Tesla throughout 2020. The price targets have been below the price and the price targets only get moved up after Tesla share prices move up. Raising price targets after the stock has moved up are analyst admitting that people should have bought before and the analysts and people who listen to them missed it.

I own Tesla and I have been consistently bullish.

SOURCES- Marketbeat, Google Finance, CNBC
Written by Brian Wang, Nextbigfuture.com (Brian owns shares of Tesla)

5 thoughts on “Wells Fargo Harvey Was Wrong About 2020 But Predicts 2021 Anyway”

  1. About the stock market … play with fire and you are gonna get burned eventually. That is fine for someone just starting out but us old farts prefer smaller stable returns.

    It will be truly funny if the Republicans loose the Senate. Just think of poor Moscow Mitch's feelings being hurt. Gives me a chubby.

  2. Answer .. NO
    Is Tesla A.O.L or is it Google?
    If it turns into a AOL then the buyers are idiots if its a Google they are geniuses and as of now no matter what anyone says no one knows, not me and not you either.

  3. But make no mistake, he got a raise, a bonus and stock options for being wrong like all the Tesla naysayers.

    What does it really take to be called an expert?

  4. Most Wall Street Analysts Have Been Wrong About Tesla

    That's because there has been an historical relationship between business performance and share price, that relation has diverged for an extended period in their case.

    Can the beliefs of a certain demographic maintain irrational exuberance indefinitely?

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