Babylon 5 Actress Mira Furlan Dies at Age 65

Actress Mira Furlan played the role of Ambassador Delenn on the science fiction TV show Babylon 5. She died from complications from West Nile Virus at the age of 65.

Babylon 5 ran from 1994-1999. 74 cast and crew from the show have died.

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  1. 74 cast and crew have passed away. that sounds like a lot. were they filming near a nuc power or an asbestos mine?

  2. Same reason many people prefer 24 FPS movies. It's movie magic; you no longer see that the rubber sword is floppy, you no longer see that the monster is unconvincing because you can barely tell what it is with 24 FPS and motion blur. The cost is headache inducingly jerky motion.

    Same reason soap-operas used to smear petroleum jelly on the lense. You get this soft, blurry look where zits and wrinkles disappear. Instead of looking at imperfect people with clear eyes you're seeing perfect people with dirty eyes (as if you had been peeling a lot of onions or something and you can barely squint without crying).

    It hides defects, but it comes at a cost.

  3. Again, I have only seen snippets of the show, but *my* definition of understanding O'Neill would be a show where most of the populations of most of the advanced tech civs would live in Space, not on planets. Also, not Rama, which is a vessel for transport of suspended animation aliens, not a place to live, despite the outward similarity to Island 3. Ringworld good, just too big to be possible. Independent of O'Neill, btw, and vice versa.

  4. He's got you Chris, Lucky has found out about the murders. You thought that your life as an international assassin was secret, but it's all revealed.

    Either that or Lucky is just hallucinating again.

  5. Characters in the movie may have been planetary chauvinists, but the movie itself was all about the spectacular space city.

    • And the aliens who wanted to recreate their homeworld were using magic. I'm prepared to give them the benefit of the doubt. I don't know how magic planets work, they might have big advantages because of planet magic stuff. Because magic.
    • This movie script should have been Star Wars episode 7. It would have been a VAST improvement on the lame garbage we got. You wouldn't even need to change much, just change the vague "space magic" to "the force" and change the robot soldiers to neo-stormtroopers.
  6. "They needed only the converter and the pearl to launch the ship so they
    could find a planet to use their technology to recreate their homeworld." quickie wiki edit: clearly planet chauvinist, to be clear!

  7. Or they picked their best actors to play roles that the heavy prosthetics would make it difficult to show facial expressions, which would force the actors to resort to vocalizing their emotions.

  8. What a surprise – more hate from Lukha. Out of curiosity, what makes you think anyone cares if you lose sleep? Or perhaps more to the point of the article, who do you think will be mourning your passing?

  9. Many have compared the B 5 structure to an O'Neill Island 3, but B 5 (which I have not seen very much of) seems to be an anomaly among many planet based civs, rather than a depiction of a rational future where we live and work in Space. This is an important question as *we* ponder trying to set up on Moon to learn how to do it on Mars. We could use Gateway Halo to do the real task, In Space Mfg.

  10. This is always cited as the *most* O'Neill show, after Ringworld derivative game, but seems very planetary what little I have seen. The mounting bracket on the rotating hab is crazy! Everybody is from a planet civ, B 5 is just a big meeting place. Even worse is Deep Space 9. Surely we will soon figure out that gravity prisons are to be escaped!

  11. She did. Delenn's character always protrade warmth and depth well. On those occasions when she was supposed to show off anger and fury (It is later revealed that she was responsible for starting the whole initial war) she couldn't carry it as well. I think that was because of Mira's own character.

  12. In general. the exotic makeup and costumes cover some of the performance deficiencies, maybe even turns them into character's perks.

  13. Yep, the curse of Babylon 5. The list of deceased actors in the cast of Babylon 5 is notoriously long:

    We can imagine any 20 something years old series would have some people passing away, but it seems several of the main cast are also in that list, contrarily to series like Star Trek TNG or Stargate SG1, for example.

  14. A great show. Some of the actors were awesome, some terrible. Strangely their ability got better the more layers of makeup and prosthetics that they had to wear.

  15. Loved Babylon 5. Great show. A shame that so many of its cast have passed away. RIP Delenn, Dr. Franklin, Zack, Vir, G'Kar, and Garibaldi. You are gone, but never forgotten.

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