Bitcoin Over $36000 and JP Morgan Has $146,000 Price Target

Bitcoin is trading over $35,000 and Ethereum is trading a bit over or bit under $1200.

JPMorgan has said that Bitcoin could rally as high as $146,000 as it competes with gold as an alternative currency. JPMorgan says Bitcoin could climb to match the $2.7 trillion of private sector gold investment. Currently, Bitcoin has a $654 billion in market cap.

SOURCES- CNBC, Coinmarketcap
Written By Brian Wang,

10 thoughts on “Bitcoin Over $36000 and JP Morgan Has $146,000 Price Target”

  1. I am sure that all bitcoin owners were happy when they learned about the increase in the price of bitcoin. Before the pandemic started, I started playing on the site so my bitcoin capital was pretty good. But after the jump in the price of cryptocurrency, I became much richer. Let's see what the future holds for bitcoin, for example, in 2022.

  2. I started mining last summer as a science project. Back then it was like 50 cent a day. Now it's more like 3 dollars a day. That's how I made my stake. The big money is in trading, and it's been working out pretty well. My best day was $1000 on Stellar Lumens because I saw a periodic spike and was able to predict and ride it. The average day is more like $200. Today was $800. Whatever, it's all funny money, sort of like RSUs, until you cash it out. It's a gut wrenching ride, but a lot of fun. Sort of like a roller coaster.

  3. Yup, the 25% market correction on "Bloody Sunday" for crypto was painful for some. I pulled out 2 hours in and put it back Tuesday when things stabilized. Net net, my gain for the week was 150%. I think I got this. Here, hold my beer …

  4. US is sensitive to the petro-dollar (the common currency for oil trades) to be specific, which is why efforts at the petro-euro are a systemic risk to the US. There were allegations some of the US escapades in the middle east were triggered by petro-euro moves by Iran.

  5. All the people who worked on it, are pretty libertarian and anti-government but you probably know that already.

  6. Once there is an ETF, investors will pour many billions into bitcoin via the stock market. There is already Grayscale Trust but the ETF will provide a measure of credibility.

    Seems like with the entry of institutional investors, more every day, that the wild swings may soften a bit. The larger the base, the less ability there is to drive the price down.

    A big selling point is that the value cannot be debased like fiat money can, and the scarcity principle is already at work. Wait till the final 3 million are mined.

  7. I am old enough to have been investing in the 2000 dotcom bubble my mistake was not buying in, it was failing to sell.
    You can`t know when a bubble bursts because it does not burst it deflates in a up and down wave more down than up
    follow the bubble up and keep a moving stop loss in your mind maybe 15% or so down .. lets say you did that on Tesla at present its 880 so for me if it drops below say 700 I will sell and see what happens .. I think Tesla is great in the long run but a bubble deflating will sink all stocks good or bad as 2000 did.. however in a bubble Tesla (bitcoin) could sore to who knows what .. follow it up and as it drops bail out and watch.

  8. Cryptocurrencies are a hedge against inflation. That's why institutional investors are starting to pour money into them. With the incoming Xiden trifecta starting January 20th, dollars aren't that safe. Everyone is expecting inflation. The big cryptocurriencies like Bitcoin with a $750 billionish market cap and Ethereum with $100+ billion market cap are relatively safe. The little ones like Stellar Lumens with $100 million market cap are highly volatile.

    That said, there's money to be made. Middle of last year I was mining at a slight loss as a science project to learn cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin was $10500 then. All the sudden, Bitcoin hit 20K. I did very well this last month. I transferred it all into Coinbase so I could diversify. I watched volatility on some of the smaller ones and figured out how to play them. Average day $100-200. Best day, which was a trade on a spike in Stellar Lumens, was $1000. It's starting to add up and get serious. Now bitcoin is 41K and Ethereum is slightly north of $1200. Will it last, or is it a fad? Who knows. As long as institutional investors keep dumping money into it, the game is on.

  9. All that stimulus money had to go somewhere, and Bitcoin is – in retrospect – obviously one such place.

    I just wish I were smart enough to foresee bubbles of this kind – as well as the date when it'll pop again.


  10. I've always wondered about the shadowy origins of BC. There is something that makes me suspicious.

    The US is hypersensitive of anything that could replace the dollar in international trade. There have been a number of wars started by the US to stop competition for the dollar. Yet, BC is allowed to roll along, crossing international borders in the dark of night, enabling terrorists to raise funds, involved in all sorts of "secret" transactions, but there are no congressmen hyperventilating about it. Sorta weird if you ask me.

    It occurs to me that BC is just the sort of thing the cryptologists at the NSA might come up with, and the sociopaths would use to undermine civilization. One day, it may turn out the architecture has back doors, and most of those coins that are never circulated end up being in the hands of the US government. Presto-chango there's your crypto dollar!

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