Chinese Joint Venture Plans to Match Tesla 4680 Battery

CBAK Energy Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: CBAT), a lithium-ion battery manufacturer and electric energy solution provider, signed a three-year strategic agreement with Anhui Jianghuai Motors Group Co., Ltd (SSE: 600418) (“JAC Motors”) for new battery production.

JAC Motors is a top four domestic Chinese car brands and has an R&D team of 5,000 people. In 2019, JAC Motors exported over 640,000 vehicles to the international market.

CBAK and JAC Motors will jointly develop cylindrical lithium-ion batteries and battery packs, including the 46800 model. This will match Tesla’s 4680 battery cell announced on battery day.

Written by Brian Wang,

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  1. Thats just one perspective in the correct biological use of the word `evolved` no technology `evolves` it changes, it was a analogy not subject to a exact break down, does a wooden sail ship `evolve` into a metal steam ship or does it change if so why? The wood has gone the sails have gone but it travels by water, is it the word ship that does it? It cant be just because it travels on water thats the same as the airship / plane .. Diragables WERE the aircraft of their time as Airports were incredibly expensive and planes small .. still you have your view me mine .

  2. Dirigibles did not evolve into jet aircraft. They were replaced by jet aircraft. Very different thing if we are trying to trace how tech develops.

    Maybe the Zeppelin company was way ahead of all the competitors in terms of airship technology, and with a roadmap to develop better and better technology into the future, but when big aeroplanes came along and replaced them that roadmap becomes useless because the technology being developed to improve gasbags or ballast control is completely inapplicable to an aeroplane.

  3. Their is indeed a `s` curve
    In your 100% honest opinion where do you think we are on that `S` curve in relation to the MANY technologies that Tesla is involved in? .. I will give you my opinion, we are at the start of the hard stroke up, this is the opinion of many including ARK invests 125 page report of the past week

    Plus I said .. "innovation does not have such a end point"
    you changed that to being about a specific technology ICE cars are evolving into self driving EVs
    Dirigibles evolved into Jet aircraft that themselves will evolve.
    This will not end in our life times.

  4. True, but they're aiming at a moving target. If they can truly replicate Tesla tech in 5 years, they will end up being where Tesla was 5 years ago.

  5. There usually is an end point, but generally this happens after a product has reached the end of its mass appeal, or the ability to improve costs by the economies of scale.
    Buggy whips peaked over 100 years ago.
    Dirigibles peaked about the time of the Hindenberg.
    CB radios peaked in the 70's.
    VCR tech peaked in the 90's.
    Internal combustion engine technology is peaking right now. No serious car companies are dumping R&D money into ICE.

  6. Ah yes. The tried and true marketing strategy of Sears, Radio Shack, Blockbuster Video, etc., etc., etc.

  7. Tesla innovates at a staggering pace constantly + has stated their goal is manufacturing excellence. Not easy to "seriously diminish advantage".

  8. Tesla technology is matchable in every respect. It takes a vision to put it together the first time, but once it is done, everybody else follows. Tesla advantage is going to be seriously diminished in the coming years!

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