Elon Musk Could Become Richest Person By the End of This Week

Tesla is moving up after hours. $748 and climbing. Morgan Stanley turned has gone very bullish on Tesla. Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas raised the price target on Tesla to a ‘Street High’ $810.00 (from $540.00) while maintaining an Overweight rating. They have a Bull Case of $1,232.

If both Georgia senate seats go Democrat then some form of the Green New Deal is on the table and Tesla would get huge credits. Elon could pass Bezos by the end of this week.

Elon Musk’s net worth was at was at $175 Billion yesterday and was $11 billion from Bezos at $186 Billion. Tesla stock is up $20 over its close yesterday. This gets Elon to about $179 billion. If Tesla went to $810.

Amazon was up 1% today. Bezos is at $188 billion.

If Tesla goes to $810 this week or this month, then Elon will become the richest person in the world.

Tesla Daily reviews the Morgan Stanley calling Tesla “the Chosen One”.

SOURCES- Street Insider, Bloomberg, Tesla Daily, Morgan Stanley
Written By Brian Wang, Nextbigfuture.com (Brian owns shares of Tesla)

26 thoughts on “Elon Musk Could Become Richest Person By the End of This Week”

  1. BTW, the shortages due to the embargoes eventually led to fracking and the term "peak oil" now means peak demand, not peak supply. Love the market, might as well, it does not care.

  2. "Filibuster can be removed with a simple rule change–so majority vote (50 + Karmala)."

    Joe Manchin has said that he will not vote to end the filibuster. He may even have some centrist Dems who agree with that. So unless Manchin changes his mind, filibuster removal is not going anywhere.

  3. We seriously have people already getting fired up about protecting the lifeless rocks from being colonised.

  4. Or maybe Tesla will get new taxes. I wonder how happy the Democrat party is with Tesla leaving California for the Bible Belt.

  5. Maybe Bezos should have thought about that before he cheated on his wife of 26 years with an absolute dog of a woman.

  6. Filibuster can be removed with a simple rule change–so majority vote (50 + Karmala).

  7. It is seriously disappointing how few billionaires are interested in funding anti-aging. Musk and Bezos are both clearly worried about aging as they're known to be taking steroids/possibly HGH.

    Peter Thiel has donated a little to Aubrey De Grey and is doing blood transfusions/parabiosis. I wouldn't mind seeing the sun rise on my 200th birthday.

  8. It's just a matter of time now. He's on his way to becoming the first Trillionaire. We've known this for years.

    I'll most likely yawn when he becomes the richest, but I'm really waiting to see him earn that big T next to his name.
    He can then invest in Quatro Comas tequila.

  9. Would be great if his next big project would be starting world's largest anti aging company, so he not only can fund it with couple of billions at the start but also popularize the concept of aging reversing and raise additional billions and ultimately accelerate the field 10 -100 fold

  10. And I can't even raise $3.2m in Angel Seed Money for the most innovative and largest (by floor area) building in the world: http://bit.ly/BroadsheetRA1
    (I did tweet to Musk over a year ago).
    Well, a Saudi Arabian Shiekh has offered $100m, but there are some details to work out…
    Maybe we'll win $1m prize at the NYSERDA Buildings of Excellence competition in month or so.
    Forget about me; there are an awful lot of good causes and ideas that die for lack of funding while Musk's under-taxed capital gains equal the net worth of some small countries.

  11. There is still an outside chance that Tesla will go bankrupt in the next 10 years. I think the probability that Space X is still solvent in 10 years time is extremely high.

  12. "If both Georgia senate seats go Democrat then some form of the Green New Deal is on the table and Tesla would get huge credits. "

    My comment: Centrist Dem Senators like Joe Manchin would probably block any substantial GND. Also, what about the Senate filibuster?

  13. I'm human, and yet realize that marriage is no longer a protective partnership in this day of no fault divorce. It is a just a contract with government that is too often used to cheat the spouse/parent that is more financially successful.
    Modern marriage is fraught with what economists call perverse incentives.

  14. Good thing he bailed on California. Think of all the state income tax, and ten year pseudo property taxes he escaped.
    Now he needs to move his businesses. There are a lot of automobile factories around that are underutilized. I wonder how much less it would cost to make a model Y in Texas, than California?

  15. perhaps.. but who knows what his wife contributed in those early days to his future success.. also even with that extra 70-80 billion elons trajectory is undeniable… maybe first trillionaire in our lifetime?

  16. The new Henry the Navigator and Isabella of Castille.

    They will give the money and resources required to change the shape of the inhabited world for the rest of us, earning a lot in the process.

    Lots of people will hate them, because such is human nature and empires were never built while sitting pretty and being liked by everyone. But they will leave their mark in history and change the shape of the human world, if we are lucky.

    And this time, no one will be victimized nor robbed of anything, just the eternal whiners and pseudo-victims that hate human progress in any direction. And where are the skeptics betting on Columbus' failure and untimely demise?

    Yeah, dead like him, but ever more forgotten.

  17. As long as both the two richest are rabid Space people, I'm good either way. I'm Mich '73, months before first oil embargo. Cars are fickle business. I wish him well!

  18. If Bezos didn't get a divorce, OR rather,
    If he never got married, His #1 status would not be in Jeopardy

  19. I feel like this happened very, very quickly. I know Tesla has been making a steady upward drive (no pun intended). If Tesla slides back again after he takes the top spot, doesn't that make him not the richest anymore?

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