Elon Musk is Less than 2% Away From Becoming Richest in the World

Bloomberg Billionaires has the wealth of Jeff Bezos at $184 billion and Elon Musk at $181 billion.

During intraday trading Tesla was 1-2% higher than the close. Elon Musk was richest during the day.

However, Tesla is very likely heading for substantial higher move over the next three weeks.

Gary Black is an x-fund manager who trades Tesla and has been very accurate on Tesla stock price.

Gary identifies the following catalysts for Tesla

1/ $8T Active Mgr buying (now) [NBF – This is still happening]
2/ MIC Y launch (now) [NBF – Made in China Model Y has over 100,000 orders after opening for orders a few days ago. ]
3/ Street ups FY’21 Est/PTs (1/4) [NBF – This starting happening yesterday]
4/ CyberTruck update (1/15)
5/ FSD MRR launch (1/15) [NBF- monthly Full Self Driving]
6/ Biden inaugural/EV credit (1/20)
7/ 4Q EPS $1.06 v $0.93 (1/27)
8/ FY’21 Deliv 840K v 777K (1/27)
$830 PT (Price Target) 6-12 mo.

SOURCES- Bloomberg, Gary Black
Written By Brian Wang, Nextbigfuture.com (Brian owns shares of Tesla)