Elon Musk is Less than 2% Away From Becoming Richest in the World

Bloomberg Billionaires has the wealth of Jeff Bezos at $184 billion and Elon Musk at $181 billion.

During intraday trading Tesla was 1-2% higher than the close. Elon Musk was richest during the day.

However, Tesla is very likely heading for substantial higher move over the next three weeks.

Gary Black is an x-fund manager who trades Tesla and has been very accurate on Tesla stock price.

Gary identifies the following catalysts for Tesla

1/ $8T Active Mgr buying (now) [NBF – This is still happening]
2/ MIC Y launch (now) [NBF – Made in China Model Y has over 100,000 orders after opening for orders a few days ago. ]
3/ Street ups FY’21 Est/PTs (1/4) [NBF – This starting happening yesterday]
4/ CyberTruck update (1/15)
5/ FSD MRR launch (1/15) [NBF- monthly Full Self Driving]
6/ Biden inaugural/EV credit (1/20)
7/ 4Q EPS $1.06 v $0.93 (1/27)
8/ FY’21 Deliv 840K v 777K (1/27)
$830 PT (Price Target) 6-12 mo.

SOURCES- Bloomberg, Gary Black
Written By Brian Wang, Nextbigfuture.com (Brian owns shares of Tesla)

7 thoughts on “Elon Musk is Less than 2% Away From Becoming Richest in the World”

  1. Simple fix, 'donate' a bunch of shares to a non-profit org with him as the permanent Chairman. As the director he will still control the funds and with a few good works will be seen as a great benefactor of mankind. He will still have plenty left over for mega-yachts or private islands, in fact the non-profit can buy a big island and build mansions for the board of directors.

    This is what Buffett and Gates realized, you can't spend it all personally anyway so why not donate it and then still control the money?

  2. Wait until Bernie Sanders gets his 3% annual wealth tax passed by Congress. That will cost the world's richest man over $5B per year.

  3. If they succeed in making humankind multiplanetary, I feel that near miss will be a good historical candidate for the Great Filter and we barely passing it.

  4. I think this will be peanuts compared to what he gets from SpaceX. Nice to know he can personally fund that venture through any number of crises now, not like the early days when it almost folded after three Falcon 1 failures.

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