Gigafactories With New Solar PV Module Tech Might Cause Solar Glut in 2021

China-based PV manufacturing industry has possibly over built new Solar PV Module technology for 2021. If global installs follows the 20% annual global growth of recent years then the world will installs 145GW to 160GW of solar. New Solar Gigafactories will increase total global PV to 300GW. Using actual capacity expansion data, PV Tech’s analysis indicates only 200GW of installations in 2021 will offset a period of overcapacity.

PV Tech believes 80-100 GW of old solar module technology will be retired.

Solar makers are getting huge new factories to have a price and technology advantage. They will squeeze out the smaller players.

The shift is to high-efficiency large-area monocrystalline technology shift and becoming ten times bigger than the 2-3 GW/year players.

There are also new more automated production lines in the new factories.

Written by Brian Wang,