Thermoradiative Device for Harvesting 24 Hour Daily Energy from Sun

A thermoradiative devices (TRD) based power generator that harvests solar energy via concentrated solar irradiation during daytime and via thermal infrared emission towards the outer space at nighttime has been proposed on Arxiv. Researchers developed a rigorous thermodynamical model to investigate the performance characteristics, parametric optimum design, and the role of various energy loss mechanisms. The model predicts that the TRD-based system yields a peak efficiency of 12.6% at daytime and a maximum power density of 10.8 Watts per square meter at nighttime, thus significantly outperforming the state-of the art record-setting thermoelectric generator. These findings reveal the potential of TRD towards 24-hour electricity generation and future renewable energy technology.

Commercial solar rooftop panels are generating about 170 to 250 watts per square meter in the daytime. The TRD would be generating about 120-130 watts per square meter in the day time and 10.7 watts at night.

This could have niche applications for spacecraft or satellites or devices that need at least some power around the clock. Any consistent sun light would work better to have regular solar and 150 to 250 watt hours per square meter of batteries to cover night time operation.

Written By Brian Wang,