SpaceX SN9 Starship Flight Delayed Until Tomorrow

The SN9 prototype of the SpaceX Starship should be flying today. The SN8 was successful except for its landing. Hopefully, the SN9 will complete everything including a safe landing.

UPDATE: 3 minutes ago SpaceX says the SN9 launch is in about one hour. The Latest news is that the SN9 launch is delayed until tomorrow.

Felix Schlang, Lab Padre and other SpaceX youtubers are already covering the SN9 test flight countdown.

Here was the previous SN8 flight.

SOURCES- SpaceX, What About It? (Felix Schlang)
Written by Brian Wang,

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  2. They were promising this to children in the 50's. I remember reading the old books about how "in just a few years" we'll be living on the moon. They showed launches, docking, transfers to other ships, the moon habitats, all that good stuff.

    And of course Star Trek in the 1960's. Every kid watched that.

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  4. Well, all the current hype is because some writer in the 70s/80s promised a future of spaceships and Mars colonies, and some south African boy listened.

    Never underestimate the power of lightning the spark of dreams in a young mind.

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  6. Unfortunately the only real signal of an attempt is the 10 minute siren. Tanking ops, temporary flight restrictions, radio warning broadcasts to mariners, and people leaving the pad are a good clue, but not necessarily definitive sadly.

    All the excitement/hype is great for young minds though. It's sorta like the early stages of the space race with prototypes like Gemini for the younger generations who didn't witness Apollo. It's science and progress made physical and real to them. The STEM ra-ra fluffwagon may be some people overpuffing their chests, but this is the real deal for young people.

    In hindsight, I wonder what Von Braun would have been like on twitter…

  7. Scrubbed because of breezy weather.

    One hour to anywhere in the world, we just can't tell you which day we'll go.

    I'll take the hyperloop.

  8. "Two hours" from the flight would be a bit more informative, if your posts had a time stamp that went into more detail than just the day they were published. How about an actual time?

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