3.2 Million Electric Car Sold in 2020

EV-Volumes reports 3.2 million electric cars were sold in 2020. This was BEV (battery electric vehicles and PHEV (plus in hybrid vehicles) sales of 3.24 million.
The 2021 estimate for BEV and PHEV sales is 4.6 million electric cars.

The EV-volumes.com data showed the five highest national sales were in China (1.3m), Germany (0.4m), the US (0.3m). Europe combined sales of EVs passed China.

In the USA, Tesla had 79.4% of the BEV registrations. Tesla had 200,561 registrations in 2020 (up 16.3%, compared to 172,438 in 2019). That’s 1.4% of the total car market. The total US BEV registrations in 2020 was 252,548 (up 11.1% year-over-year, from 227,161 in 2019). The US 76,000 plug-in hybrid sales in 2020.

If the PHEV market in the rest of the world matches the USA, then BEV are now 76-77% of the BEV-PHEV market.

Tesla would have 20.1% of the global BEV market in 2020.

They are projecting 41% overall market growth in EV. Tesla is expecting over 50% growth in 2021. If this is the case then Tesla would grow global market share.

If Tesla produces 750,000 cars in 2021 and there is a 3.5 million car BEV market in 2021 then Tesla would have 21.4% global market share.
If Tesla produces 1 million cars in 2021 and there is a 4 million car BEV in 2021 then Tesla would have a 25% global market share.

Written By Brian Wang, Nextbigfuture.com (Brian owns shares of Tesla)