Animation of Interior of SpaceX Starship and Rapid Prototyping

Deep Space Courier has an animation of the inside of a SpaceX Starship.

SpaceX should be attempting another test launch within a week or so. SpaceX is heading to test flights every two weeks and is continuing to speed up construction. SpaceX should be heading to one test flight every week after they successfully land prototype Starships.

SpaceX is making a major upgrade with SN15. SpaceX is making our prototypes in each batch.
SN3 to SN6 were a batch.
SN8-SN11 are a batch of similar prototypes.
SN12-SN14 are canceled.
SN15-SN18 are upgrade high altitude batches. This will have simpler thrust pucks and other improvements. There will be improvements to reduce weight.

SOURCES: What About it?, Marcus House, Engineering Today, SpaceX, Deep Space Courier
Written by Brian Wang,

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