Ark Invest Big Ideas for 2021

Ark Invest has 15 big ideas for 2021 and these are their main investment themes. Ark Invest now has funds with $50 billion in assets.

1. Deep Learning. From $2 trillion in market cap today to $30 trillion by 2037.
2. Reinvention of the Data Center (mainly cloud computing and GPU, ARM/RISC V. $60 billion in revenue by 2030)
3. Virtual Worlds
4. Digital Wallets
5. Bitcoin Fundamentals
6. Bitcoin – Preparing for Institutions
7. Electric Vehicles
8. Automation
9. Autonomous Ridehailing (robotaxis)
10. Delivery Drones
11. Orbital Aerospace
12. 3d Printing. From $12 Billion now to $120 billion in 2025
13. Long Sequencing
14. Multi-cancer screening
15. Cell and Gene Therapy – Generation 2

Ark Invest expects pre-cancer screening to become a $150 billion a year industry and it will prevent 66,000 deaths each year.

Nextbigfuture discussed pre-cancer management many times back in 2019.

Here is another article about using AI and advanced genomic analysis for disease risk prediction.

Using pre-cancer screening to cure and prevent cancer was one of the topics of Brian Wang’s keynote speech at a Monte Jade annual event in 2019. The vision that I, Brian Wang, have is that AI can predict the first signs of cancer. This has been seen at MIT where mammography images were used to predict breast cancer 5 years before cancer develops. We can transition to pre-cancer management like pre-diabetes management today.

SOURCES – Ark Invest
Written By Brian Wang,

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