Brian Wang Interviewed for Future of Food Podcast

I, Brian Wang, was interviewed for the FutureX podcast. I discussed the Future of Food.

Topics discussed:

  • Is Hemp the new Soy? Hemp can be an important protein source. However, soy is important for sauces and culinary dishes in Asian cuisine.
    Beyond meat and cell-based meat. The cell meat and new plant-based burgers taste very close to cow burger. This will be an interesting and perhaps substantial niche.
  • A discussion of price and the future of foods.
  • Insect based feed and food is discussed.
  • The Tony Seba, RethinkX cell based food revolution, is discussed.
  • Robotic greenhouses can be 30 times more productive than regular farmland, but the transformation is we can have robot greenhouse farms in cities. This will mean most of our meals can be like those at the three Michelin star, French Laundry. They get food farm to table. The French Laundry has a few acre garden right beside the restaurant. Food will be fresher, better tasting and more nutritious.
  • The mass production of greenhouses in China is discussed.

The Future of Food host Lee Schneider asks Brian Wang his vision of the future of food. Brian is a realist. He has the information at his fingertips and parses through it so that we can all make sense of what will come next. We talk about new sources of protein that will weird you out (but which won’t bother your pets one bit), and break down a vision of decentralized greenhouses that would remake the whole idea of “farm to table.”

Written By Brian Wang,