Dynamically Programmable Wireless 6G

A visionary EU 6G research project, called RISE-6G, will create next-generation wireless connectivity. RISE-6G will design, prototype and test smart and energy-sustainable technological advances based on reconfigurable intelligent surfaces (RIS) that will enable programmable control and shaping of the wireless propagation environment. They expect to deploy by 2030.

They will use surfaces of diode-based antennas or metamaterials for coating objects in the environment, such as walls, ceilings, mirrors and appliances, and they will operate as reconfigurable reflectors or transceivers for massive access when equipped with active radio-frequency (RF) elements.

The RISE-6G objectives are to:

* define novel network architectures and operation strategies incorporating multiple reconfigurable intelligent surfaces,
* characterize the new system’s fundamental limits capitalizing on the proposed realistic and validated radio-wave propagation models,
* design solutions to enable online trade between high-capacity connectivity, energy efficiency, EMF exposure and localization accuracy based on dynamically programmable wireless propagation environments, while accommodating specific legislation and regulation requirements on spectrum use, data protection, and electromagnetic field (EMF) emission, and,
* prototype-benchmark proposed innovation via two complementary trials with verticals (Fiat Industry 4.0 production site and SNCF train station).

Written by Brian Wang, Nextbigfuture.com