Elon Musk Increasing His Tesla Ownership

Elon Musk owns 22.4% of Tesla and 54% of SpaceX. SpaceX is now worth about $60 billion and Tesla is $783 billion. Elon is worth $205 billion from Tesla and SpaceX. Elon also owns most of the Boring Company and Neuralink.

Elon is getting more ownership of Tesla because he is meeting the CEO compensation goals which let him buy more of Tesla at a lower price.

SOURCES- Tesla 13G filing
Written by Brian Wang, Nextbigfuture.com

14 thoughts on “Elon Musk Increasing His Tesla Ownership”

  1. Does CCP actually adore Musk? I doubt it. I imagine they are setting him up to take over his technology. I hope Musk is smart enough to realize that and has planned well enough not to be hurt very much when it happens. If I remember correctly, he has made the Tesla patents freely available to competitors, so I imagine he is at least partially planning for CCP's theft.

  2. Probably true, but what about in 6-8 years, when the building would reasonably be expected to be opened? Is the pandemic permanent?

  3. He's probably doing this because Biden is in office and Biden is pushing for more EV's and solar power.
    That leads straight to Tesla.
    For once, something I don't mind subsidizing.

  4. I'm sure it'll change before it's built. The yellow columns were meant to highlight them in the model for analysis. The green patina is like the Statue of Liberty. Making the most wind exposed building in NYC all glass would have been suicidal, so the walls are 1' thick all around, etc.

  5. Until he starts pouring money into some really practical field like longevity/aging research I do not care about those billions and new records. Yes, all these rockets, cool cars are nice, I like to watch launches and progress but what is the point of all that if we are getting old, weak, tired quickly and all this 'entertainment' ends as quick. Time flies.

    It's all irrelevant until we solve aging or at least reach longevity escape velocity.

    5-10B from him poured into the field would accelerate field 10 fold(or more) and at least give some hope to not only young lads here but also boomers

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