Exceed.aI Review: Automation and Increased Productivity for Sales and Marketing Utilizing an AI Sales Assistant

Exceed.AI is an intelligent AI assistant that engages your potential customers in conversations over email, chat, website and even SMS. It seamlessly integrates into your existing systems, whether it’s your CRM or your marketing automation, running automatically and autonomously in the background. And, it knows to identify when a lead is ready to talk to your sales reps, qualifying it and booking a meeting directly on the rep’s calendar.

The genuine value of Exceed is that it knows how to handle various aspects of the tedious and time consuming tasks of sales and marketing. It also ensures that sales leads get tireless follow-ups in an effort to overturn the fact that 44 percent of sales reps will give up following up on a lead after one or two attempts.

Exceed recently closed a $4 million funding round. These funds will be used to grow sales and improve and expand the services. They received innovation grants from the Israeli government.

According to Yaron Ismah-Moshe, Co-Founder and CPO of Exceed.AI., Exceed has helped several companies to increase sales productivity by 19-35% with its virtual sales assistant.

How It Works: Exceed’s Workflow & Features

Sales leads are qualified automatically by engaging potential end customers in two-ways conversations.

Exceed uses AI to automate conversation with sales leads; interactions can be customized by the client. This takes away the time consuming, tedious lead qualification part of the sales process.

Key features include:

CRM Automated Updates

Exceed.AI updates the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system with customer conversations and any bits of information gathered during the interaction, like position change within the company, contact left the company, contact asked to be contacted at a later date and so on. Sales people are notorious for failing to update the CRM, Exceed’s AI assistant isn’t.
Dynamic Nurturing
AI assistant identifies lead’s place in the buyer journey and initiates nurturing accordingly.

Lead Qualification
Ability to engage a lead in a wide spectrum of approaches in order to recognize readiness of lead to being approached by a human sales rep.

Meeting Scheduling
Scheduling of meetings for sales reps with ‘sales ready’ leads; significant time saving for sales reps by avoiding back and forth communications.

AI-Driven Personalization
The use of firmographics and users profile data, combined with natural language ‘understanding’ allows for real-like, two-way conversations that are tailored to specific leads.

Self Onboarding
Extensive resources and support documentation enable swift and simple onboarding.

Exceed Partners and SaaS Success

Exceed integrates with leading CRMs and marketing automation platforms such as Hubspot, Salesforce, ZOHO, Oracle, Sugar CRM, Pardot and more.

Exceed have had great success with B2B SaaS clients, allowing them to solve the glaring pain point of transferring clients from freemium to full-paying customers.

Case Studies of Exceed.AI Clients

CBORD Horizon: Nutrition Software

CBORD Horizon helps educational institutions and hospitals with nutrition software and systems, helping organizations reduce food waste. Following up and qualifying leads was time consuming and a productivity bottleneck for the SDRs; each SDR was able to contact about 18-25 potential customers every day.

  • Exceed now qualifies all new and cold leads
  • SDRs are only contacting engaged leads
  • Monthly sales tripled

Demandbase: ABM Platform

Demandbase is a leader with Account-Based Marketing (ABM) and Exceed improved their sales and marketing processes. Deamandbase beat forecasts and qualified 13 sales opportunities with more SQLs still in the pipeline.

  • Exceed made it possible for half of the sales development team to increase its pipeline
  • Exceed’s output equaled one full-time SDR and is projected to cost 50% less
  • One SDR hit 104% of quota with Exceed vs. 87% without

Clearshift: Automotive Reseller

Clearshift is a highly rated virtual automotive dealership platform all over the U.S.A. They had an average influx of over 14,000 leads per month.

  • Exceed ensured every lead was automatically followed up and qualified
  • Exceed’s automated solution shortened the sales team’s sales cycle
  • Exceed provided a larger amount of qualified leads

Written By Brian Wang, Nextbigfuture.com

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  1. I think the humanized versions are far easier and cheaper at this time. Now, if the tech gets clearly better than humans, it will be illegal for humans to drive at all.

  2. Ilan at Exceed -> you can choose to humanize it if you want and add human mistake. Some customer prefer not to

  3. I am a customer of Exceed.ai and it works like a churm! Just an amazing solution which help my business do more with no additional manpower.

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