Israel Has High COVID Vaccination Level But Still Has COVID Problems

By Feb 7, 2021, Israel had administered over 5 million doses of the Pfizer vaccine which covered 60% of its population. Israel has a population 9.3 million people.

The US might get to the current Israel vaccination level around May-June. Israel still had a spike in cases in February. Israel was targeting the vaccination of 90 percent of Israelis over the age of 50 by mid-February. Over two weeks ago, 60 percent of Israel’s population has received at least one shot, which confers partial immunity, and slightly more than half have received the second shot for full vaccination.

The US currently has vaccinated 14% of the population with one shot and 6% have had their second shot. The US is vaccinating 1.5 million each day and will reach 3 million per day in April. The US should have 100 million vaccinated with their first shot by the end of March and maybe 180 million by the end of April.

Israel saw a drop in COVID deaths in old people but the UK variant of virus increased the spread of the disease. More younger people are getting hospitalized with COVID. Israel’s COVID wards remain at capacity with ever-younger COVID patients.

SOURCES- NY Mag, Worldometers
Written By Brian Wang,