Micro OLED Displays for Better Augmented Reality

Apple has partnered with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSMC) to develop advanced micro OLED display technology. Micro OLED will be useful for augmented reality devices.

The new displays will be built directly onto wafers. They will be far thinner and smaller and use less power.

They are at the trial production stage. It will take several years to reach mass production.

The components are 100 times smaller than those used in LED lighting products and they do not need backlight modules like traditional LEDs and LCDs.

SOURCE – Asia Nikkei
Written By Brian Wang, Nextbigfuture.com

4 thoughts on “Micro OLED Displays for Better Augmented Reality”

  1. seems like It'd be easier to just fabricate smaller LEDs, there must be some kinda issue with pitch control or cost or something with microLED that keeps it off the table.

  2. An OLED isn’t a liquid crystal. Liquid crystals are used to block light from some other source. An OLED emits light of its own.

  3. Liquid crystal on Silicon. Where have I seen this before? The difference is this time the liquid crystal materials are organic.

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