Rumors of Tesla Berlin Starting Initial Production in May

There is a report that Tesla Berlin will start initial trial production in May, 2021. This is from a supplier in Germany who will provide containers.

The mass production would be in July-August 2021.

The owner of a software company Ralf Ostholt/Twitter, who works with Deutsche Bahn AG (Germany’s rail operator), has shared some information regarding the planned start of production at Giga Berlin. Tesla asked Deutsche Bahn AG to plan the transportation of containers by rail, taking into account certain terms and volumes. According to the request, the EV maker will need increased haulage starting in May, when prototype test production at the plant begins. In addition, July-August is indicated as the start of full production at Giga Berlin.

This would be about 1-2 months ahead of previous reports of a July, 2021 production start.

SOURCES- Tesla News, Tesmanian, Twtter Ostholt
Written By Brian Wang, (Brian owns shares of Tesla)

5 thoughts on “Rumors of Tesla Berlin Starting Initial Production in May”

  1. It's possible the paintshop and body in white buildings may be ready by May, but as far as I can tell virtually nothing has been done inside the drive unit and general assembly buildings. And the casting area has shown little progress in months. They'll have to hurry to produce prototypes in May.

  2. This has come up in interviews with Musk and apparently the Cybertruck is targeted only at the North American market. He's mentioned that if he does extend it globally, he'll make a smaller "Wolverine" model.

    Even in North America, that's the one I want. Just wish it could come faster.

  3. Tesla will likely have great success selling all their vehicles in Europe except the Cybertruck. It's way too big for their driving style and road setup.

    If it does go over well, Europe will need to widen its roads.
    The other cars ought to be fine for the most part.

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