Tesla Berlin Gigafactory and Giga Texas

The Tesla Factory in Berlin is looking very close to finishing the first main buildings and they have made great progress installing equipment.

The Tesla factory in Texas is also making great progress.

SOURCES- Tesla, Youtube
Written By Brian Wang, Nextbigfuture.com (Brian owns shares of Tesla)

5 thoughts on “Tesla Berlin Gigafactory and Giga Texas”

  1. I hope this pushes Elon to support V2G, but he's commented on it before that he's not a fan, and Tesla's charger isn't capable of doing it. I'm thinking he's thinking it would catabolize Tesla's powerwall sales…which it would. Since some customers have it and don't have any solar.

  2. It’s a good thing Tesla makes solar panels and battery back up systems. They’re going to need them if they’re going to continue to have a presence in Texas or any other Third World location.

  3. It's nice Tesla did what I said it should do years ago, use bigger cells to increase production efficiencies, and simplify pack assembly. I also wanted a simpler cooling system, likely with a less touchy chemistry, and a way to easily replace bad cells.
    Full V2G should be just down the road, considering the problems with electrical power in CA, and TX.
    Tesla also needs to develop a prime mover range extender, and home power "CART"(CarAdaptedReversableTechnology). The technology is more reversible, because the "waste heat" isn't wasted! (No waste heat)=(reversible) get the physics joke?
    Sorry Elon, a fuel cell might be the best solution here, at least for now. We could run it on methane, if that makes you feel better. In an emergency natural gas would do.
    Home HVAC, electrical supply, automobile functional capability, full trifecta.
    "Honey, would you mind taking the old car to work? It's going to be cold all week long, and electrical prices are forecast to be high the whole time!".

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