Worldometers Count of Cumulative US COVID Deaths Will Pass 500,000 Tomorrow

Worldometers reports a count of over 497,000 total COVID deaths in the USA with about 9 hours left on Sunday Feb 14, 2021. Worldometers had a count of 496,063 total COVID deaths in the USA for Feb 13, 2021. Worldometers will report over 500,000 total COVID deaths in the USA on Monday Feb 15, 2021.

The US Center for Disease Control has a count of 482,536 total COVID deaths in the USA for Feb 13, 2021. The CDC reported 5520 daily COVID deaths on Friday, Feb 12, 2021. The CDC is on track to report over 500,000 total COVID deaths in the USA on Thursday, Feb 18, 2021.

The pandemic is a horrible tragedy. However, it is important to objectively look at the latest numbers and forecasts to see what is happening with the pandemic.

We hope that the vaccines will work and that the mutations of the virus will not be more deadly and we hope the variants will not have immune escape.

There are now confirmed reports of reinfection. There are people who have been known to have contracted COVID before and they have been reinfected by the South Africa variant. One of those reinfected people is in critical condition.

Dr Anthony Fauci says the South Africa variant of COVID evades the protection from some of the monoclonal antibodies, and it diminishes somewhat the capability and the effectiveness of the vaccine to block it. This was said when Fauci was on Meet the Press.

There have been more mutations of COVID after the South Africa variant. Mutations of the virus did not stop with South Africa’s version. South Africa emerged in mid-2020.

SOURCES – Worldometers, CDC
Written By Brian Wang,

52 thoughts on “Worldometers Count of Cumulative US COVID Deaths Will Pass 500,000 Tomorrow”

  1. No need to hide, just isolate and wear a mask. You seem to have a very strange understanding of a viral pandemic.

  2. Two things. I think the figure of 0.01 is much too low. The COVID infection death rate is about 1%. Based on the break out of the dead by age, the COVID infection death rate for those under 70yrs is between 0.25% and 0.5%.

    That looks like such a low number until you multiple it by 330,000,000 then you get between 825,000 dead and 1,650,000. That's a lot of dead people. We can always quibble about the exact percentages but recognized that in the real world it will be a lot of dead people. By the way I have a lot of relatives and friends 70 yrs and older and I would miss them if they were gone.

  3. STFU, you either don´t have clue of what you are talking about or porpously looking at data from a one sided perspective just like media, politics and governaments. Covid deaths really don't mean anything, one thing is a positive test for the virus SARS-Cov-2 and the other is having severe symptoms of the disease Covid 19 partially caused by the virus (weak immune system, and other comormodities in conjuction with the virus are the causes of the disease ~95% of the time). Many people simply had the positive test and died because of other diseases and apper in the numbers, most people are assymptomatic according to some studies (but because the pcr tests are "rigging" the results, ct=~40, they don´t might not even be infected with the virus, you never ever use ct>35 in any situation, the primers they using are also dubious because they might not be specific to the virus sequence…
    Also there is a thing called bayses theorem,
    Also, they are adding covid deaths with pneumonia and influenza (PIC)
    Other cheap and readly available medicine that can be used in treatments have shown positive results. They are covering it up and delaying the studies. Vitamine D for example. They just claim that this can't cure, prevent or treat on it's own and call it fake news, this was never the argument made. It's time for people to wake up!

  4. If 10% have tested positive, then roughly half the population has in fact been infected already in LA County.

  5. The point is that we are subsidizing the very factors that make us vulnerable to Covid-19 in the first place and yet that fact is never acknowledged. It is like we are so used to our self inflicted issue that the two are never linked so people can see how much we are damaging ourselves. We get off on politics of the issue, as though that were what is important, when really we are killing ourselves at vastly higher rates than Covid-19. 655,000 deaths a year from heart disease, 805,000 heart attacks, approximately 1 in 3 adults have prediabetes (CDC). You also cannot go off of the government recommended diet, because at best it is flawed and wrong and at worst it has been corrupted. Carbohydrates are sugars, fat is actually good for you, lean meats bump your insulin. You would never know that based on government dietary guidelines.
    I see posters here talking about hiding under the bed or downplaying the number of deaths from Covid-19, and they are correct. The real culprit, the one that is allowing Covid-19 to kill us, is our diet. As they are saying, we're still going to die regardless of the Covid-19, but it is a bizarre form of suicide really. We would not have anywhere near the number of deaths from Covid-19 without this one factor.
    Complaining about restrictions or politicizing the issue are worse than useless. This is one factor you have under your direct control that really can save your life regardless of a vaccine or Covid-19 mutations or any other factor.

  6. Yes, While a biological weapon might not work that great on a planet, it would be very effective weapon for a galactic empire. As long as you can maintain isolation once you spread it.

  7. Doubt that. COVID death rate for the under 70 is about 0.5%. 300 million under that age so 1.5 million dead. Also the hospitals would have been overwhelm which means triage which mean that the death rate would have being higher. BTW, Monday morning quarterbacking is always easy.

  8. Avalanches start out very slow then build momentum. I will hold an end of COVID party when its over for real.

  9. I do agree with you that we shouldn't trust the numbers coming out of China.

    BTW, culture is a part of the equation. Countries that have multi-generational household also have higher death rates. Countries where it is customary to go out to eat and drink again have higher death rates.

  10. You do know we are the last living species of hominids. We are not sure why the others went extinct. Could have being a virus.

  11. It just has to improve its lethality. It already has transmission part, although it could also improve that part.

  12. Heh. Even while criticizing Cuomo, they say it would have been forgivable if he'd just bungled and caused thousands to die. Only the cover-up is unforgivable…

    Sorry, no – he may have initially bungled, but was told very clearly by many officials at nursing homes that it would kill people. That makes it premeditated "bungling" (i.e. murder).

  13. Well, 500K didn't happen on the 15th. Looks like there's a chance it won't happen on the 16th. But almost certainly by the 17th.

  14. That is all fine and dandy, but I live in the US and this article is about the US. And here it was the third leading cause of death in 2020. And not that far from the other 2 which normally lead by a bunch.

    Globally, also there were many deaths by Covid that failed to be attributed. A Russian official admitted that the actual rate was 3 times higher in Russia.
    How many others are playing games?

    "9M people died of starvation in 2019" your link is 2008 not 2019. And other sources are just copying that. How about a legitimate source with real research estimating starvation deaths in say 2018, 2019, or 2020 not raising money?

    And look at this:
    Show me the starvation. It is not even in the top 10 of "low-income" countries.

    Rich countries keep sending grain and it just rots on the docks, or in warehouses. And countries are producing an abundance even in India and China:

    Now how exactly are we supposed to force India to take better care of their grain?

    Covid is low hanging fruit. Vaccinate everyone a few times and you have saved millions of lives.

    Good luck trying to provide 1,000 meals a year to all the feral children in India.

    And if we don't vaccinate, there will be new strains that might be far more deadly and require new vaccines.

  15. There were not 5520 deaths reported on Feb 12th, as 2500 are months old deaths Ohio hadn't reconciled months ago. It's a brazen lie to include those in February when they are verifiably not. 1800 more between the day before and after that don't belong in February. Similar happened with Indiana on Feb 4th, when 1500 deaths, some extending back to the beginning of the pandemic were thrust onto February figures. More bullsheet. There are currently a bit over 2400 daily deaths, not 3000. This means deaths are dropping in line with the expected lag behind collapsed hospital numbers that have been cut in a half over a month. We should expect 1500 average daily deaths in ~3 weeks. Dishonest reporting causes a lot of anxiety and misinterpretations. For reference, see:

    Feb 11-13. Unreal. Feels like corruption, since the 7 day death total and average are fake. Why dump months old backlogged data onto recent days? If doing so, don't include them in recent averages or it's complete dishonesty.

  16. This is so true. You never hear about obesity and HFCS.

    Well not unless you turn on a TV. Or a radio. Or read a newspaper. Or magazine. Or the internet. Those media talk about this issue all the time.

    But yes, if you limit yourself to no forms of communication whatsoever, then nobody ever talks about it.

  17. Not 'most', but still orders-of-magnitude more than other countries. 36%, vs some countries that are single-digits. Europe/Latin-America (20ish%) are also somewhat heavy, though it's still less than the US.

  18. Yes LA has been badly hit but just like the whole state the numbers are coming down fast.
    Hope that continues

  19. By definition – if you take deaths and divide by mortality rate you get actual cases.

    if 497k is true, then 497k / 0.002 = 248 million cases.

    But, I don't believe that for a minute. I think the number of deaths is Vastly overestimated.

  20. The people primarily dying of Covid-19 are those with comorbidities, especially heart disease and diabetes. A large part of those issues (most) are generated by insulin issues related to dietary sugars. This is the point of keto diets and intermittent fasting.
    Yet not one word on our insistence on subsidizing the worst types of sugars in our diets, especially high fructose corn syrup. Many of the diseases affecting our society can be laid at the doorstep of dietary sugars, yet not one word about removing subsidies for the very factors leading us to heart disease, fatty livers, diabetes, increased cancer rates and yes death from Covid-19. If you have a big belly and protruding gut, you likely have a fatty liver and insulin issues.
    In fact, the government subsidizes these factors, then many times gets stuck with the bill when that person ends up in the hospital for the terrible diet we are subjected to. Yes, subjected to because high fructose syrups are so prevalent in everything on our grocery store shelves that an active and intense effort has to be made to avoid them. So the taxpayer is hit with a double whammy, and everyone loses one way or another.
    Covid-19 weakness because of poor diet related health issues just brings that into focus more for people who look. Why are we not hearing more about that? Electoral college politically motivated gotta take care of our rural populations so on with the farm subsidies maybe?

  21. LA County is vaccinating and 10% of the population has already tested positive. Vaccination % + immunity % probably getting near 20% of the population, not counting people who contracted it but had mild cases.

  22. You hit the nail right on its head! I hope I'm around when all the trillions of dollars of federal debt become unsustainable and our economy collapses. The mass panic that will result will be most interesting to watch. I wonder if Lord Humongous and the Road Warrior will be roaming the wastelands looking for their precious gas!

  23. Where I live new cases have dropped ~10x compared to six weeks ago. Deaths are a lagging indicator but even they are falling.

    Combination of vaccinations, recovered people with immunity, and warmer weather (sunshine) means that covid will be mostly diminished by late April.

  24. We'll have none of these measured responses. If there isn't mass panic then how will we sell the masses on untold trillions of additional spending?

  25. So what you are saying is that if the Empire had built Covid instead of a death star then they would have better ruled the galaxy through fear?

  26. I see someone is trying to interject logic into the emotional mess that is humanity's COVID hysteria. I applaud you sir, but unfortunately humans are immune to such efforts. They believe what they want to believe regardless of the facts. Even NBF has succumbed to the nonsense that is the Great Non Pandemic of 2020.


  27. We would have the same number of deaths if nothing had been locked down except people over 70 years of age. We would have fewer deaths if ONLY Congregate living centers had been locked down effectively.

  28. Besides being hyper-inflated due to corruption (50% pcr test false positive rate), big pharma campaigned against two medicines that are more effective than the vaccines, HCQ and Ivermectin. Those well known as safe as it gets compounds, coupled with protecting the nursing home population, would have made this entire thing a non-issue. And most you boot lickers are clamoring for the same corporate-fascist involvement and power that led to this disaster in the first place.

  29. True, many didn’t take it seriously, but it’s not becoming the plot of some end of times global virus disaster movie. We got somewhat lucky with this one, looking back at historical pandemics.

  30. There have been 2.4M global Covid deaths:

    58M people died in the world in 2019:

    4% of all deaths in 2020 were attributed to Covid.

    9M people died of starvation in 2019:

    7M died from air pollution:

    I don't have a point. If all of these are accurate facts, it probably tells us something about what our priorities should be. I don't know what that is.

    Should we be talking about hunger and pollution 3-4x as much as we talk about Covid? Should we be talking about data quality issues for all of them?

    My guess is that even in 2020, the best way to reduce global deaths and misery would have been to continue pushing on peace and economic development full bore.

  31. US has done better than most of Europe and most of Latin America in per-capita Covid deaths when you correct for obesity prevalence.

    Most USAians are fat pigs.

  32. It is utterly stupid to compare the numbers of different countries at face-value as if it's apples-to-apples. Countries vary wildly in diet, obesity, age, border-accessibility, and testing criteria among other things. 3rd-world countries have their own problems in other aspects of life, but they have wayy less obesity and 95% of them are under 60yr old (compared to 77% for the US).

    US has done better than most of Europe and most of Latin America in per-capita Covid deaths when you correct for obesity prevalence.

    417m/831m of Europe live in a country that has worse per-capita deaths when you correct for obesity differences. the Russian deputy PM gave a stat that basically reveals they also did worse, and that their worldometers number is wrong and should be tripled, so it's more like 562.4m/831m did worse. And that's assuming other dictatorships like Belarus are telling the truth.

    Scandinavia likely did better than everyone because their Vitamin D intake (200-400 IU/d) is double what the rest of Europe's is, per a 2007 study.

    459m/785m of Latin America live in a country that has worse per-capita deaths when you correct for obesity differences. & again, that assumes Venezuela & Cuba are being truthful.

    China very likely did worse, and the fact that they are only self-reporting 4600 covid deaths is comical.

  33. "There are now confirmed reports of reinfection."
    There have always been confirmed reports of reinfection. But generally reinfections cause only mild to moderate illness. Just get on with the vaccinations on the double.

  34. More like 550-560,000 before turning the corner in a major way, which is a nebulous description. Exclude the 2500 deaths from 2020 dumped into February (Ohio audit) and we're at ~2800 daily death average this past week, down from 3200 at the end of January. Hospitalizations have been cut in half in 5 weeks. We'll be at under 2000 daily deaths in 2-3 weeks from now (assuming thousands more from 2020 aren't dumped into February 2021). Most of them are already very sick as I type this. Under 1500 a couple of weeks after that. Fauci's job description is to be an anxiety pushing Karen, doom and gloom. It's why he's been so wrong in the past – an attempt to keep people from being reckless.

  35. Check the drama at the door please. The variants aren't more dangerous. They may be able to get around vaccines in SOME people. Immunity isn't such a black and white thing as people commonly think. A huge portion of the population across the world (20-50% depending on the country) has partial immunity from infections by similar coronaviruses. They are poor vectors of the disease. This virus kills people with comorbidities, including cancer and of course the trifecta of diabetes, heart disease, obesity that so often coincide. There are so many compounds to take if suspected of being infected, to mitigate damage. NAC, Vitamin D megadosing, quercetin and zinc, a dozen others I could list. Unfortunately so many Westerners have been conditioned to place our health entirely in the hands of others, which kills us early, Covid or no Covid. Americans have become far less healthy during lockdowns and restrictions. The remedies offered by our state and federal govt are just copying the ideas of China's President Xi. It's shameful.

  36. Worldometers double counts a bit. They are 10-20K more than everyone else because of that. Beyond that you've gotta love over 4000 deaths from Indiana and Ohio, practically all from 2020 added into the first two weeks of February by sites keeping up the stats. Deaths are well down if excluding those data dumps on Feb 4 and Feb 12.

    If theoretically no one else were to get infected from here on, we'd still have 50,000 deaths coming. Likely 15-20 million are at some stage of infection right now, so we can expect this. Americans are unhealthy, particularly our elderly who mostly sit home and watch TV in retirement. It's an unfortunate cultural practice so many of us fall into in older age, and what younger have fallen into since lockdowns and restrictions began. People are desperate to get out and continue life. We sometimes go out to eat on Sundays. Today even past the usual peak hours of lunch, local restaurants were on enormous wait times. Not a Valentine's Day phenomenon, as I said it was late lunch, like 2pm. On 1-3 hr waits, not romantic couples. Families, etc. Besides, new love is dead during Covid. Glad I have a family or I'd be going crazy. People are not going to continue obeying.

  37. Actually, no it doesn't have that potential at all. Primarily for three reasons. First, it's not very dangerous as seen by the very low case fatality rate (especially among the young and healthy where it's pretty close to zero), second, it's easy to protect yourself from getting by following a few safety precautions, and 3rd there are now multiple vaccines.

    The only known pandemic to even get close to killing off humans was the Black Death (aka the Bubonic Plague) of 1348-51. It killed approximately one third of Europe. There were multiple more outbreaks after the first over the span of several centuries, each lasting a year or more. It's still around but you rarely hear of anyone getting it.

    Viruses mutate. Human immune systems evolve to destroy them. It's been going on for two billion years. We humans have little to fear from them. Now Skynet on the other hand…..

  38. Technically speaking any microbe could mutate to the point of making humans extinct, but as it stands right now Covid-19 isn't within orders of magnitude deadly enough to do that.

    There is a vast range of outcomes between "causes a huge amount of death and damage" and "extinction".

  39. There are reasons for optimism. I think Israel can serve as a good ahead of the curve example here as it is vaccinating very quickly but was also very quick to have the British mutation as the most dominant with infection rate in general similar to the U.S. It is last week when full two dose vaccination reached about 20% of the population that case rate started going down in Israel. This is likely when it is going to happen here, taking into account that the British mutation will become dominant here soon too. There may be a rise actually due to the mutations before we reach these levels of immunization.

  40. Below is what Biden said a couple of weeks ago. So this is what he’s hearing from Fauci and others:

    “The president has painted a bleak picture of the outbreak, saying Monday that the U.S. is “going to see somewhere between a total of 600,000 to 660,000 deaths before we begin to turn the corner in a major way.”

  41. We didn't take it serious. We played with it and it ate us up. There are people still joking with it. Nothing else we are doing matters more than getting everyone in the world vaccinated. We will then have to rapidly deal with the mutated virus. If we keep playing this virus has the potential to make us extinct.

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