Ark Invest 2025 Bull Case Means Elon Musk Will Be a Trillionaire

Ark Invest manages stock funds totaling over $50 billion in value and is currently has the hottest investment analysis. Ark accurately predicted four years ago that Tesla would reach a $4000 share price (pre-split). Ark’s newest Tesla forecast is that in a bull case Tesla will reach a value of $4000 per share by 2025. If Ark is correct then by 2025, Elon Musk will be a trillionaire.

Elon currently has 241 million shares of Tesla and will get eight more CEO compensation bonuses totaling another 12 million shares.

Elon would have about 253 million shares of Tesla. Elon would probably be deep into the third round of Tesla CEO compensation bonuses.

At $4000 per share, those 253 million shares would be worth $1.012 trillion. Elon’s net worth would also be boosted by the future value of his 54% ownership of SpaceX, 80% share of Boring Company and 90% share of Neuralink.

Fluctuating stock prices this year may have temporarily put Elon down to second or third richest person in the world. However, Elon Musk will clearly become the richest person again and keep that position for decades. Elon Musk will be the world’s first trillionaire and first multi-trillionaire.

Elon will be dominating the car industry, Earth transportation, the energy industry, space, satellites, artificial intelligence, tunneling and infrastructure and brain interfaces. He could also master colonization and development of worlds, asteroids and space industrialization and space mining. He could scoop up the highest value businesses out of all of those areas.

Tesla currently has 70-80% of the US electric car market and over 20% of the global electric car market. If Tesla makes far more electric car factories and more battery factories then they will grow their market share. Tesla is targeting over 3 terawatt-hours per year of batteries by 2030 while the next largest EV battery goal from a carmaker is Volkswagen with 240 gigawatt-hours per year in batteries by 2030. CATL is targeting 1.2 terawatt-hours by 2025 but will be selling most of their batteries to Tesla.

Elon would be surpassing historical industry domination and historical monopolies.

Henry Ford and the Ford Motor Company reached a peak of 50% market share of the auto industry.

Space colonization valuation could surpass the value of the Dutch East India Company ($7.9 trillion) and the Mississippi Company ($6 trillion). The Mississippi was a corporation holding a business monopoly in French colonies in North America and the West Indies.

What if the 16th and 17th century age of colonization companies were driven by a relentless 100-hour per week technological and business genius?

What is the value of getting all vehicles off of fossil fuel and making solar and batteries a dominant form of energy?

What is the value of mastering self-driving vehicles?

What is the value of dragging civilization into new technological ages and into a multi-planet species?

We will find out how much value can be extracted from all of those achievements and it will be multiple trillions.

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Written By Brian Wang,