Editing the Epigenome for Better Health and a Pathway to Antiaging

Prof David R. Liu, Professor at Harvard University, the Broad Institute, and HHMI was interviewed by the Sheeky Science Show. In the interview, they discussed how to make precise genome editing safe & efficient using the latest CRISPR tech advances in base editing and prime editing and taking it to the clinic (e.g Beam Therapeutics). They talked about the next frontier, epigenome editing.

There are currently two major ways to deliver CRISPR gene therapies into the human body. There is the AAD virus and the LNP (lipid nanoparticle). There are hundreds of different AAD virus and lipid nanoparticles. Verve Therapeutics and Beam Therapeutics used LNP to deliver gene therapy into primates to reduce cholesterol. There will be a large library of nanoparticles and viruses used for delivering gene therapy.

Verve Therapeutics was created with a singular focus: to protect the world from heart disease.

Jonathan Weissman has made progress in editing the epigenome and the changes are inheritable.

Programmable epigenome editing is emerging and could be used for antiaging effects.

Jonathan Weissman and David Liu have formed a startup, Chroma Medicine, to use CRISPR-Cas9 and perform programmable epigenome editing.

DRL is a co-founder and consultant for Beam Therapeutics, Prime Medicine, Pairwise Plants, Exo Therapeutics, and Chroma Medicine.

SOURCES- UCSF, Verve Therapeutix, Sheeky Science show, Dr David Liu
Written by Brian Wang, Nextbigfuture.com