First to Orbit ? SpaceX Starship, Blue Origin New Glenn or ULA SLS

Which of the major new rockets (SpaceX Starship, Blue Origin New Glenn or United Launch Alliance SLS) will reach orbit first? Below are the current target dates. Obviously I believe SpaceX Starship will get to orbit first.

Blue Origin’s current target for New Glenn’s maiden flight is Q4 2022. Blue Origin has had no fuel loading structural tests and has not rolled the New Glenn out of its hanger.

Elon Musk still says he is hopeful that the first orbital Starship flight can be in 2021.

The United Launch Alliance needs everything to go perfectly for a February 2022 first launch of the SLS (Space Launch System). The SLS had a failed Green run hold down test.

SOURCES- Blue Origin, Washington Post, SpaceX, Ars Technica
Written by Brian Wang,