GPS Shape in Path of Container Ship That is Blocking Suez Canal

World trade is being disrupted by a large container ship, Ever Giver, blocking the Suez Canal. There is GPS tracking of the path that the ship took just before it got stuck. The ships appears to have traced out a phallic shape.

30% of the world’s container shipping volume goes through the Suez Canal. This is 12% of total global trade of all goods. About $9-10 billion per day should be going through the Suez.

More than 150 vessels are now backed up and about 300 more are headed to the key waterway in the next two weeks.

SOURCES – VesselFinder, AP
Written By Brian Wang,

20 thoughts on “GPS Shape in Path of Container Ship That is Blocking Suez Canal”

  1. I cant wait until it's proven Russia told trump to do it. Stay tuned to Madow on msnbc the walls are caving in and Kieth Overman just expressed his shame of his own Russian Heritage. I can handle Putin wanting to vote without an ID but if Kieth is Russian (not just in a hurry) to unleash Keith was too much.

  2. Same in the Suez canal. It was low visibility and strong wind.
    That ship will catch an lot of wind and large cargo ships are not nimble.
    One problem with pilots is that they are very familiar with the canal but not with the ship.

  3. It don't look damaged by ramming so pulling it out of wet sand will hardly hurt it more. They also dug around it.

  4. Why don't they build a temporary lock behind and ahead of the ship pump it up and float the ship clear. It may only need a few feet of lift and would keep the ship intact. Imagine if it broke up in the middle of the canal add three weeks to everything and quadrouple the price.

  5. The Welland Canal between Lake Erie and Lake Ontario has pilots employed by the Seaway take control of vessels as they sail through the canal. Though this sounds like an act of malice/vandalism.

  6. I don't see how it's backing up straight if it's wedged in sideways.

    That's why they brought in the tube dredger to take all the sand out along the side because bow will have be pulled sideways

  7. There must be a giant market for AI self driving systems.
    Looks like some drivers can be replaced by even a few lines of Python code.

  8. From what it looked like in some pictures I've seen – the bow bulb (See attached Wiki link) has done rammed itself good and hard into the bank of the canal. It's wedged in solid, so the ship needs to be brought straight back to avoid bending it.

    That Captain's so fired…

  9. So, is this another Costa Concordia, with the crew royally screwing it up?

    Thankfully with less deaths. But there were a lot of economic damages.

    I've read somewhere the ship was blown sideways by strong winds.

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