Saudi Intercepts Drone and Missile Attack on Oil Facilities

Saudi Arabia was able to protect its oil tank farm from a five drone and additional missile attack from Yemen.

A 2019 attack on Saudi Oil facilities halved their oil production for a few weeks. This new attack has not impacted oil production and did not kill anyone.

SOURCES – Bloomberg, Javier Blas
Written By Brian Wang,

6 thoughts on “Saudi Intercepts Drone and Missile Attack on Oil Facilities”

  1. It's like Michigan vs. Ohio State with a whole lot of guns. And, sooner or later somebody's fans walk into the other guy's bar.

  2. California could apply for a waiver on using US flagged vessels and have smaller foreign flagged vessels come through the Panama Canal, but that would still be a shortage of available vessels. The disruption would still exist for 6 months and the price of gas would still not fall below $6 a gallon in CA.

  3. The only state that is still importing a significant amount of Middle Eastern Oil is California. They refuse to build a pipeline to Texas and much of the Alaskan oil has run out. There is not enough rail capacity to bring oil over the Rockies by tank car and there are not enough US flagged vessels to carry oil from the US gulf coast to Cali. (By law ships going from one US port to another must be US flagged.)

    So, in case of a significant disruption in Middle Eastern Oil, California could be looking at $10 a gallon gas, while the rest of the US is at $3.50.

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