SLS Successful Full Duration Test Fire

SLS (Space Launch System) is up over 8 minutes in its full-duration test engine test fire. It then had a safe engine shutdown.

The first SLS green run test fire cut off after about 67 seconds. The full test fire mimics the roughly eight-minute engine fire to reach orbit.

It has “only” taken about ten years from the start of the SLS program to reach a successful full-duration test fire. The SLS program is basically 90% Space Shuttle rockets and components reconfigured into an Apollo Saturn V like rocket stack.

The SpaceX Heavy has flown successfully three times and has 60% of the payload capacity. The new SpaceX Starship is undergoing high-altitude test flights now. The SpaceX Super Heavy Starship is targeting a mid to late-summer first orbital flight. The SpaceX Super Heavy Starship will be fully reusable and will have more payload capacity than the SLS. The SpaceX Super Heavy Starship will almost certainly beat the SLS to orbit. The SpaceX Super Heavy Starship will cost 100 to 1000 times less per launch than the SLS. The SLS program has cost over $20 billion and each launch will cost a billion or more. The SLS program will cost $2-4 billion per year and will likely only have one launch per year. SLS might only launch once every two years.

SOURCES- NASASpaceflight
Written By Brian Wang,