Software Controlled Electric Motor Could Make World 25% More Efficient

Turntide’s Smart Motor System, a hyper-efficient motor controlled precisely by sensors and software that optimizes every watt, has the potential to reduce global electricity consumption by 25%. Bill Gates has invested in Turntide.

Turntide will start with HVAC and refrigerators.

Turntide Calls Its Motor the LED of Motors

The Smart Motor System marries a patented high rotor pole switched reluctance motor with matching motor controller, optional IoT Supervisor, and powerful user-friendly software. Components are designed for compatibility, ensuring the critical components of your motor-driven system work together, in harmony, to deliver next-level performance and efficiency.

This revolutionary motor system is inherently:

* Rugged and corrosion resistant
* Fault tolerant
* Optimally efficient over wide torque and speed ranges
* Highly controllable and configurable
* Communicative—the only motor that reports what it is actually doing

Air Conditioning – HVAC

The Turntide Smart Motor System reduces air conditioning operating costs through a combination of energy savings and analytics that support smarter maintenance and a reduction in emergency service calls.

Refrigeration Condenser Fans
The cold chain challenge: keep food fresh and use less energy to do it. Turntide motors, when applied to air-cooled condensers, significantly reduce energy use and provide improved dependability and lower maintenance costs. Our next-generation EC Motor also contains no permanent magnets, and it can be remotely monitored to assure your refrigeration systems remain efficient and effective.

Strengthens profit margins through energy savings and waste reduction
Drop-in, high-efficiency alternative to standard motors
Reduce energy use by 30-50% in air-cooled condensers
Excellent controllability for accurate head pressure control
Seamless integration with existing control and monitoring systems
Can act as a self-standing condenser control package utilizing Turntide Cascade programming

SOURCES – Turntide
Written by Brian Wang,