SpaceX Has Stacked Super Heavy BN-1, SN-11 Launch Target is Friday

The SN-11 SpaceX Starship prototype is prepping for a Friday launch. The SN10 was able complete its 10-kilometer flight and returned and landed. However, the SN10 landing was too hard and it resulted in an explosion a few minutes later. I think SpaceX will make the adjustments and fixes for a safe SN-11 landing.

The SpaceX BN1 Super Heavy has been stacked. BN1 will not be flown. It will be used for ground tests.

SOURCES- SpaceX, Marcus House, What About It, Austin Barnard, Mary Bocachica Gal
Written By Brian Wang,

8 thoughts on “SpaceX Has Stacked Super Heavy BN-1, SN-11 Launch Target is Friday”

  1. Today is Friday, good luck with the launch! I look forward to hearing as soon as possible about how it went. Rather, we would have already begun to conquer Mars and create an alternative place for humanity, but without the mistakes that we made on Earth. My friend from should know more about this.

  2. 1) I'll ignore the questions about financing, since Musk is the wealthiest man on Earth, the author has no access to the passenger's financial details, and Musk hasn't given any indication of being worried about financing.

    2) Starship can be given abort capability by mounting 1 or more Dragon capsules on it. The Dragon capsules are man rated, and capable of reentry.

    3) Man rating is only an issue for NASA astronauts. Likely nobody onboard will be a NASA astronaut, unless NASA is embarrassed at being beaten back to the Moon by tourists, and buys a ticket.

    4) Musk doesn't need NASA's mission command, he has his own already.

    5) Plenty of time to get the launch facility ready as part of the development program.

    6) He's assuming their development program is a failure. Musk's history makes that a bad bet. Though his history does make expecting Musk to make the scheduled date a bad bet, too.

    7) Most of the complaints are just nonsensical, such as assuming passengers won't be strapped in, or that all the propellant loading has to happen during the projected week schedule.

    I guess the guy finds it fun to be a naysayer, but he really had to stretch for some of this.

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  5. "A SpaceX empilhou o Super Heavy BN-1 e a data alvo de lançamento da SN11 é na sexta-feira."

    A direct literal translation to portuguese. The genders (which is just a type of grammatical case) and inflections (quite light compared to original latin) avoid many of these problems faced by the English language.

  6. "SpaceX Has Stacked Super Heavy BN-1 and SN-11 Launch Target is Friday"

    Commas, Brian. Use them. Sounds like they've stacked BN-1 and SN-11.

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