SpaceX Successfully Launched Starlink-22 Mission

SpaceX launched another 60 Starlink satellites.

SpaceX had about 1,320 Starlink satellites still in orbit.

By April, 2021, SpaceX will have deployed the first shell of 1440 satellites.

First: 1,440 in a 550 km (340 mi) altitude shell
Second: 2,825 Ku-band and Ka-band spectrum satellites at 1,110 km (690 mi)
Third: 7,500 V-band satellites at 340 km (210 mi)

SpaceX launched 240 satellites in one month. SpaceX should be able to deploy the second shell of Ku-band and Ka-band satellites by this time in 2022.

Written By Brian Wang,

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  1. I forget, what are the current ITU/FCC deployment requirement schedules to maintain their license for Starlink? I think they are near one of the major milestones now.

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