SpaceX SN11 Starship Test Flight Scrubbed Today

SpaceX YouTubers are all focused on the possible SN11 test flight today. SpaceX has not started the initial operations for fueling so any flight was scrubbed for least 3 hours about 2 hours.

The SN10 exploded a few minutes after a hard landing.

SOURCES= NASA Spaceflight, What About it?, Everyday Astronaut
Written by Brian Wang,

8 thoughts on “SpaceX SN11 Starship Test Flight Scrubbed Today”

  1. According to Brian, this rocket is ten years ahead of Chinese aerospace. I suppose China have to go back and sleep for another ten years.

  2. Kaboom. Range safety terminated it while still in the air.

    And, again, you can see engines catching fire while running. I would love to know what they think the cause of that is.

  3. It was more of a thick deep haze, and NASA has a plane to photo, so want good vis. I suppose it lands with GPS, like F9, but not sure. Mon NET.

  4. Apparently on account of heavy fog.

    I guess I can see them wanting to actually *see* what it's doing, but, fog? Is it using LIDAR for landing, maybe?

    Well, they have a March 28th TFR, so maybe this Sunday. Though the weather prediction is not good.

    Seriously, due to fog?

  5. I see reports that they've conducted a successful test fire, and evacuated Boca Chica about an hour ago, so it looks like a launch is go, this afternoon.

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