Tesla Likely Acquired 50% More Land at Gigafactory Shanghai

There is a report that an electric car company has acquired land beside Gigafactory Shanghai. The amount of land is about 50% of the current size of Gigafactory Shanghai land.

land rights’ transfer announcement did not list Tesla by name. The 461,142.40-square-meter (113.9-acre) site is intended for new energy vehicle manufacturing. It is adjacent to Tesla’s existing land. It only makes sense for Tesla to get this land.

This would be consistent with Tesla expanding the Shanghai Gigafactory production of cars, batteries and the semi truck.

SOURCES – Teslarati
Written by Brian Wang, Nextbigfuture.com

4 thoughts on “Tesla Likely Acquired 50% More Land at Gigafactory Shanghai”

  1. That would be a very foolish move nationalization would mean a end to Tesla innovation in the country, as long as Tesla is on Chinese soil they can look deeply into current and future developments, of a leading Tech firm .. China's aims in the world are vastly vastly greater that cars and self driving and a short term grab would be stupid, I don`t really like Xi BUT he is a very very smart man.

  2. Not any more likely than Apple/Foxconn and in the meantime that partnership has made Apple the most valuable company on the planet earning it vastly more than the facilities are worth and letting it build whatever facilities outside of China it wishes.

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