Tesla Pseudo LIDAR Using Just Cameras And Imminent Acceleration of Self Driving Improvement

Tesla can compare two or more video frames to confirm the depth of objects and generate pseudo LIDAR. They can convert images to a birds-eye view representation of what is around a car. They are also able to train with an unsupervised method.

Many technical people and some business people with better views of the behind-the-scenes development at Tesla are getting far more confident about Tesla’s full self-driving in 2-3 years.

Tesla is massively increasing the rate of improvement of full self-driving in mid to late 2021 and onwards with the full release of the Dojo training supercomputer and increases in the processing of data.

Tesla will create their own chips for the Dojo self-driving training supercomputer. Tesla will be using NPU chips (Neural Processing Unit). Currently, it takes 3 days to do a training session for self-driving. The deployment of Dojo will allow for larger training sets and reduce the training time to 7 hours. This would allow three training sessions per day instead of two per week. The new hardware and software will enable unlabeled and more unsupervised training. Parts of Dojo were already online in August-October 2020. More parts of Dojo have been released or are being released with the new FSD betas.

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Written By Brian Wang, Nextbigfuture.com (Brian owns shares of Tesla)