World COVID Mostly UK Variant in March reports that as of March 1, 2021, 28% of the COVID in the world is the B.1.1.7 (UK) variant of the disease. I was first identified in the UK in September 2020 and has since been detected in the US and other countries. This is of growing concern because it has shown to be significantly more transmissible than other variants.

The CViSB Team at Scripps Research is tracking the prevalence of several lineages or sets of mutations within the SARS-CoV-2 (hCoV-19) genome. They will regularly produce a report describing the current situation, focusing on the United States. is providing tracking on the COVID virus variants.

Written By Brian Wang,

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  1. Still taking opportunistic swipe at China?
    Dr Li Wenliang was admonished by local officials who themselves later were dismissed by higher authority. As for the doctor, he was posthumously decorated as a hero. He was an ophthalmologist and have no authority to announce the covid news. That was in January 2020 and at the time he talked about it on private social group, there was only about 20 known cases. What the local government done may not right, but they were also concerned about panic from false conclusions.
    In China, public opinions sometimes are bigger than true justice.

  2. doi: 10.1038/s41586-021-03398-2

    A new lab study shows troubling signs that Pfizer's and Moderna's COVID-19 shots could be far less effective against the variant first found in South Africa

    08 March 2021

  3. The things you say can become an unalterable truth for some, no need to make random assumptions about masks

    And that's why I bought the best medical grade masks for employees and customers in February of 2020, and put them on display with instructions on proper usage for all to see as they entered the building… and not one employee or customer got infected at my place of business even tho we were considered an "essential business" and never shutdown.

    I didn't assume masks were ineffective just because a bureaucrat made a contrary claim that was picked up and propagated the news media. And then when that same bureaucrat started to make contrary claims about cloth masks, that's when I knew "the screw had turned" so to speak.

    The bandwagon is real.

  4. The things you say can become an unalterable truth for some, no need to make random assumptions about masks, there are science based studies for everything under the sun and beyond. Here is a well sourced review for those that cant deal with the source material. ""

    I previously came across a different study that suggested gaiter masks might possibly be worse than wearing nothing, in terms of infecting others.

    Fun fact: At 17:39 #12 happens to be Musk's preferred mask. That's what you use when you only care enough to look like you're helping the cause.


  5. I am not putting any porn but information that is out there. As for how much impact it had so far, it is probably very little but too early to tell about the future either way.

  6. Yes, if I use the term masks, I mean
    -Actual, P100 or better, disposable masks that are worn once then disposed off. And when they are worn the wearer has put them on properly, sealed around the edges, adjusted the mask so there aren't huge gaps on each side of the nose. Don't take them off whenever they speak because they seem to think that the masks stop sound. Don't wear them below the nose. Don't wear them below the mouth. Don't wear them hanging from one ear.

    These "fashion" masks made of t-shirt quality cotton with no bendable nose strips that are worn every day, but only cosmetically. They do as much to protect people from disease as a halloween mask would.

    It's very clear that far too high a % of the population have never worked in a dusty environment. At least a week of dirty manual labour should be a requirement for graduation.

    I know we needed 90 days of work "in an engineering environment" which meant, in practice, dressed up in full body PPE and doing the jobs that all the normal employees were desperate to avoid. (Shakes fist at cloud, reties onion to belt and walks off.)

  7. "The science, according to the CDC, says that surgical masks won’t stop the wearer from inhaling small airborne particles, which can cause infection. Nor do these masks form a snug seal around the face. The CDC recommends surgical masks only for people who already show symptoms of coronavirus and must go outside, since wearing a mask can help prevent spreading the virus by protecting others nearby when you cough or sneeze. The agency also recommends these masks for caregivers of people infected with the virus."

    If you got that conclusion from Kehvan's article, i would say it's due to poor reading comprehension. The primary efficacy of you wearing a masks is to stop you from infecting others. Self protection was the goal of people buying up mask in March 2020 when the spread was low, masks will not offer much protection to them in that environment.

    They do recognize the extreme incompetence of the general public and thus the need for simplistic recommendations. The nuanced details is always available to the competent minority interested in such things.


  8. I don't know if you're making fun of Kehvan, Li Wenliang, or Chelsea Manning. And while I'm pretty sure it was an insult, the choice of pointing out the impact of ham on eyesight is also rather puzzling. This is a common joke in your local vernacular?

    Please be more considered in your internet communication efforts in the future.

  9. And these stupid cloth masks people put on and take off willy-nilly, multiple times a day, does absolutely nothing, but increase risk. Even if a mere cloth mask helped, which it doesn't, as soon as a person takes off that mask, it's contaminated. Yet over and over again, people will wear that mask, but are constantly touching it, taking it off, and sitting it down once they think they're at the safety of their desk or whatever.

    The bandwagon effect is on full display, and it really disgusts me.

  10. Triage is saying that in March 2020: "We don't have enough masks for medical personnel, please stay at home until we make some more."

    What was actually said was "Masks don't work for stopping the spread of disease."

    Conclusion: They don't actually tell the truth when they want to manipulate your behaviour.

  11. At what point will California, and New York let all businesses/commerce/school reopen? It will get more, and more obvious that closing small businesses makes everyone's lives more difficult, except for elite politicians, and the very wealthy.

    Even if you have good paying state/corporate employment, your kids schools being closed, the corner business going tits up, your brother-in-law losing his job, and the increased homeless population all harm you in different ways. At some point the populace will rebel in as forceful a method as needed to go back to their better lives they know are possible, cause they see it in Florida, and Texas.

    That's what happened in the Soviet Union. It was there for all to see. Remember that, all you watermelons out there? Well, do you?

  12. that was the proper recommendation in March 2020.

    Triage is reactionary. It's a response to things that have already happened. If more people had the proper N95 masks in March of 2020, that would have genuinely 'bent the curve' more so than sheltering in place, and would have lessened demand for triage.

    And it's quite telling that even though multiple US companies started making N95 masks in a response to need, many of those companies STILL can't sell them on Amazon for some stupid reason.

  13. I'm not surprised "The morons, ignorant, and easily led" still cannot comprehend why that was the proper recommendation in March 2020. Triage doesn't depend on unalterable revealed truth, recommendations and expectations change as conditions change.

    Those that wanted better outcomes should have made better choices.

  14. And behind it already found is the upgraded British variant with the South African/Brazilian mutation that helps the virus reinfect people that have already contracted Covid 19 or have been immunized. Record from Israel and great Britain where there is a high rate of immunization and where the British variant is dominant show that immunization by itself is hardly enough to tame this variant outbreak.

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