100 Gigabit per Second Wireless P2P Communication is Near

BridgeComm, a leader in optical wireless communications, announced it has developed high-speed optical communications of speeds beyond 100GB per second and will offer point-to-point demos at the Hampton Inn in Sneads Ferry, NC, in conjunction with a global conference April 6-15. This project, which has already confirmed 100gbps connectivity in the lab, is enabled by BridgeComm’s extensive work in free space optical technology and Nokia’s network equipment and services backed by Nokia Bell Labs.

BridgeComm is making cost-effective modular and scalable communications solutions, providing ultra-high-speed throughput with a faster, more secure network optimized for multiple domains. This project also aims to expedite a quicker adoption of 5G networks with a reach to provide wireless access in rural communities.

BridgeComm and Nokia will leverage existing commercial technology to design, construct and operate a private wireless network. The largely virtualized network will be based on standardized 3GPP architectures and allow for a cost-efficient yet highly scalable network testbed that will enable rapid experimentation of applications. Each connected private wireless location will benefit from extremely high data transfer rates, lower latency, and a resilient backhaul that is LPD/LPI and independent of allocated and costly spectrum requirements.

SOURCES- Bridgecomm
Written By Brian Wang, Nextbigfuture.com