Apple M2 on 5 Nanometer Plus Process and A16 at 4 Nanometer

Taiwan Semiconductor will be mass-producing Apple’s new M2 chip in July for use in MacBooks for the second half of 2021. The M2 will eventually be used in other Mac and Apple devices beyond the MacBook.

The new chipset is produced by key Apple supplier Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., the world’s largest contract chipmaker, using the latest semiconductor production technology, known as 5-nanometer plus, or N5P.

The M1 CPU is 85% faster than an iMac using an Intel chipset and graphics performance that is twice as fast.

The current M1 chips are based on the N5 process, which according to TSMC’s official numbers offers a 15% speed improvement and a 30% reduction in power compared to the older N7 (7 nm) process. N5P improves that to 20% and 40%, respectively, compared to N7 chips. M2 will be 5% faster and use 10% less power compared to the M1.

TSMC will move N4 (namely 4nm process) to volume production in the fourth quarter of 2021, ahead of the 2022 timeframe set previously.

The A16 chip for new iPhones will be manufactured based on TSMC’s future 4nm process.

SOURCES- Nikkei, Digitimes
Written By Brian Wang,