China Space Station Module Launched

China has launched a 20 ton core space station module. They will launch two more lab modules in 2022. The Tianhe space station will be similar to the Soviet Salyut space station modules. The station will likely end up about half the size of the old Mir space station. The Mir had seven modules and weighed 130 tons.

The Tiangong Space Station, large modular space station, is designed to be used for 10 years which could be extended to 15 years and will accommodate three astronauts. It will likely be about 60 tons.

The ISS is larger, Mir was larger and Skylab. Skylab was 76 tons and launched in one piece by a Saturn V.

The Chinese module was launched on a Long March 5B rocket.

SOURCES – Scott Manley, reuters, Wikipedia
Written By Brian Wang,

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  1. Bit of an issue is the final rocket stage that delivered the module to orbit apparently can't to a controlled deorbit of itself, so it will have a very large and uncontrolled reentry. Not clear if that was due to propellant exhaustion or stage issues. SpaceX recently had an uncontrolled reentry of an F9 second stage, but they usually have controlled deorbits.

  2. In that light, I wonder if you could build a stub Starship, just the engines and header tanks, and connections for larger tanks above, capable of reentry and landing on its own?

    Then you launch large habitat segments as detachable tanks. Also parts for an orbital tank farm, which I think SpaceX's plans could really use, to allow very rapid orbital refueling without being limited by launch cadence.

  3. If you really want a large volume space station at this point, you'll just launch a fuel tank into orbit, and then bring the equipment on a second flight to convert the empty tank into living space. No reason the tank can't be pre-equipped with interior fittings, so long as they don't obstruct the fuel flow.

    Western space agencies really hate that approach, though, as they're addicted to bespoke equipment and everything being perfectly optimized and shiny.

  4. Good to have a presence in orbit. Unclear if it has the technology/systems to repair satelites or whether the tech is sophisiticated enough to easily lead to the next levels of station – artificial gravity, large habitable infrastructure, solar system mission jump-off node, etc…

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  7. They are right. I wouldn't bother building a big space station at this stage, only for experiments in space that require humans on board. What we are doing is an international show. When we resolve volume mass and cost barriers to true gravity space habitation, that will be another requirements spec.

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