Cyberlandr Expandable RV Camper Add-on for Tesla Cybertruck

Cyberlandr is selling a portable kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, and office for your Tesla Cybertruck. The Cyberlandr costs $39,995 if you make a larger deposit. Smaller deposits scale up to a price of $49,995.

The camper, bed and kitchen and appliances expands from the covered Cybertruck. It will only reduce the range of the Cybertruck by 5%.

Small RVs cost about $35000-50000 and RV campers cost about $10000-20000.

Chef’s Kitchen
Large, tri-level sink with colander, wash bin, drying rack, and cutting board
Smart faucet with manual, touchless, and voice control
Expansive porcelain counter top with over 5 square feet of working space
Invisible induction cooktop is located underneath the countertop

Relaxing Bedroom
Seats transform into a surprisingly comfortable, breathable RV queen bed
Electrochromic dimming, dual-pane windows provide the perfect blend of light and privacy
Bed sits at counter height with room underneath for two children or one adult
Alarm system with 360º surveillance and motion sensing exterior lighting let you sleep securely

Spa-Inspired Bathroom
Radiant-heated porcelain one-piece tile floor for the ultimate in comfort & durability
Recirculating shower with 4-stage filter so you can take longer showers without running out of water
Spa-style shower head with 5 flow patterns
Dry-flush toilet with self-cleaning bowl means no black water tank to clean

Corner Office with a View
StarLink satellite dish provides high-speed, low-latency Internet so you can have Zoom conferences, get email, and get work done (or play video games or stream movies) from virtually anywhere (StarLink requires a subscription)
WiFi provides wireless networking and (with WiFi Calling enable on your cell phone) allows you to take cell phone calls even where you don’t have cellular service
32” TV also works as a 2nd monitor (wired, or wirelessly using Apple AirPlay 2)

Cyberlandr comes with a Starlink dish included but the monthly subscription is extra.

A Rivian electric truck costs $67500 for a 300 mile version and adds $5000 for a tiny sideout “camp kitchen” cooking addon. The Rivian can have a camp sink with a 5-gallon tank, an electric stove, a kettle and some cabinetry with their Kitchen option.

The $98,000 price is for a fully loaded R1T. It includes a $10,000 “Max Pack” for 400-mile range instead of 300 miles. The $5,000 Camp Kitchen option that installs a fully-serviceable kitchen in the R1T’s storage tunnel.

The GM electric Hummer might be available in 2024. Adding a Cyberlandr to a Cybertruck is cheaper than the higher end electric Hummers.

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Written By Brian Wang,

7 thoughts on “Cyberlandr Expandable RV Camper Add-on for Tesla Cybertruck”

  1. I'm waiting to see who this is marketed to. Minimalists won't want a huge cybertruck. Outdoorsy people won't want all these luxury add-ons. Plus it's all expensive. Even if I won the lottery, would I get all this stuff? Probably not. It doesn't seem like a thing.

    Maybe rich posers in SF trying to act like they love nature in a 20 foot long stainless steel monster truck. I dunno.

    And this brings up another problem. If this becomes the target demographic, then cybertruck campers become a target for criminals. I know the relative net worth of whoever's in that camper truck just because they're in the truck. Might be a lucrative target.

    Or could I steal the truck, and sell that camper on the black market? Are they registered? Is there a tracking device?

    I'm not sure they thought this through. It seems like there are a lot of risks for a niche market.

  2. Gotta agree, they obviously have no physical prototypes, and those steps look really cheesy.

    But a Cybertruck fitted out for camping is still on my "if I win the lottery" list.

  3. Why do u make an article about an add-on for a car? And why it's always features from tesla?

  4. OK, those steps in photo #1 of the CyberLandr look like they'd snap right off as you tried to climb them. Also, no curtains since they uses electronic window tinting for privacy – so no privacy if you want a window open for air… Somehow I think it hasn't gone beyond 3D modelling.

    Also, how does a dry-flush, self-cleaning toilet work? Please tell me it uses lasers…
    [I am so disappointed after I googled it. Basically it just bags it and stows it to be discarded later. Not even one laser.]

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