If Microsoft Doubles Again Steve Ballmer Will Pass Bill Gates in Wealth

Steve Ballmer is now the largest shareholder of Microsoft. Bill Gates has diversified his holdings and has very little Microsoft. Microsoft share prices doubled over the last two years and quadrupled over the last five years.

Steve Ballmer’s net worth is currently $91 billion and Bill Gates has $144 billion.

About half of Steve Ballmer’s net worth is from Microsoft. If Microsoft doubles again then Steve Ballmer will get very close to the wealth of Bill Gates and could pass Gates. Gates also tends to make regular charitable donations.

SOURCES – Bloomberg Billionaires
Written By Brian Wang, Nextbigfuture.com

10 thoughts on “If Microsoft Doubles Again Steve Ballmer Will Pass Bill Gates in Wealth”

  1. No, no. Impotence and sterility have already been induced by giving everyone access to the internet.

    The vaccine is stage 3 of the plan….

  2. I was in a seminar with Steve Ballmer about fifteen years ago. He stood about 15 feet away and talked for at least 45 minutes. I don't really recall what he said other than that he was pushing the Halo guys for the next in the series. The whole time I just kept marveling at what an incredible suit he was wearing. I mean, wow, I hadn't thought a suit could look that good (or that it really didn't matter who it was in it when it was that good). That suit was amazing. I suppose he had a whole closet full, or several.

    This was the same Steve Ballmer who, back when he and Bill Gate were enroute to a meeting, had leaned over an airport men's room stall and asked the startled occupant if he would sell his tie for a largish amount of money (because they had just discovered Bill had to have one for a customer presentation).

    A few years later I was at Bill Gates' last mass presentation to developers. He had a Steve Ballmer robot with him that, when activated, would spin around the stage waving its arms in the air and yelling. Yelling all the way to the bank, apparently.

  3. Who cares?
    The real news is that Iran now has lots of 20% enriched uranium and Iran is winning
    Last September Brian wrote that Iran had been contained.
    Brian, once again, proven wrong

  4. liquidity provided by the government that is propping up the markets WILL go away in the next two years at some point, besides while the share price due to excess liquidity the actual value of the company has not doubled and will never due so after adjustments for inflation. The only way either billionaire will have a global impact is by purchasing government access in the u.s. and Gates one claim to fame is that he took advantage of his silver spoon and exploiting others work.

  5. Are his charitable activities really just cover for his fiendish plans for world population reduction via vaccine induced impotence and sterility?

  6. When you are a billionaire you should focus on retaining your wealth a lot more than on making more. Bill did the right thing. Ballmer should also diversify.

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