Limitless Space Institute for Interstellar Travel by 2100

Limitless Space Institute is sponsoring student programs and giving away about $2 million every two years in grants for work towards enabling interstellar travel. They gave out nine grants. Limitless Space Institute is working with the Breakthrough Institute.

Limitless Space Institute is led by Sonny White. Sonny White and his team is also working on internal space propulsion projects. They have a partnership with DARPA and Texas A&M. They are looking at Casimir cavities. They are looking at a dynamic vacuum model where they look at atomic orbitals modeled as acoustic waves.

They are looking at using nanostructures to amplify casimir effects.

They provided more funds for Lubin’s laser array propulsion and many nuclear fusion propulsion concepts, advanced solar sail and two space drive proposals and a wormhole proposal.

SOURCES- SSI, Limitless Space Institute
Written by Brian Wang,