Tesla Cars in Boring Company Las Vegas Loop System

The Boring Company Las Vegas Loop System was built in two years for $50 million.

The plan is to extend the current three station convention center system down the vegas strip and to the airport and to downtown vegas.

There are discussions for Boring tunnel transportation systems in Miami and Las Angeles.

SOURCES- CNBC, Boring Company, Boring Revolution, Bugle Miami
Written By Brian Wang, Nextbigfuture.com

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  1. Maybe this has a place across larger high traffic convention centres etc. But doesn't the statement "If you build it, they will come" apply to better town plans that don't require as much transport of ANY kind? New Urbanism is a walking distance town plan that's restoring old urbanism. Take a tram stop or subway station. Build a culturally appropriate and attractive town square or village green around around it. Surround the green with shops and services like a coffee shop, bakery and the postal service. Surround this with 4 story eco-apartments and a variety of homes, all within walking distance. This becomes a vibrant human-focussed place of work, rest, and play within a short walk. Unlike an oversized suburban Mega-mall which is a 20 minute drive away (plus parking time!), the shops are a 5 minute walk away. Unlike a Mega-mall serving 300,000 people from suburbs scattered far and wide, the town square serves the local 15,000 people. Instead of being oversized and full of strangers, they are intimate and community creating. Instead of loneliness becoming the public health epidemic it is today, we create community, encourage walking and reduce obesity. It makes a car-free lifestyle viable for the poor, increases community interaction, makes the neighbourhood safer for women and children, and only occupies 10% of the land that suburban sprawl demands. It decreases our carbon emissions, traffic jams, loneliness, environmental impact, and even the size of our waistlines!

  2. Wait, is the last slide implying Prufrock is using swappable batteries, to avoid the logistics train of bringing a long power cable from the tunnel mouth to the TBM? That has interesting implications, in regards to the little transporter carriages used to bring tunnel liner concrete segments to the TBM and muck buckets out…

  3. Hot take, but I don't think they will ever allow private vehicles in their tunnels. They need to have full control over the vehicles (including maintenance) to ensure reliability and safety of the system.

  4. ICE vehicles are going to be completely obsolete by the time this concept scales to any meaningful degree. This idea is more more like public transit or a horizontal elevator than a highway.

  5. exactly… the incentive is part of the plan.. dont have a tesla cant use the tunnel… why give anything away for free

  6. That was an early idea TBC presented. They dropped that because It’s about TeslaNetwork autonomous BEVs and Tesla is building them at large enough scale. It’s much simpler to just use Teslas or other ABEVs that meet standard than building ICE vehicle carriers. With ABEVs they’re robotaxis in network on the street and also use the Loop tunnels.

  7. You could do that but (a) it'll cost more, and (b) if people need an electric car to use the tunnels, it'll help accelerate the migration to electric cars.

  8. I fully understand that Elon plans to replace all petrol-based vehicles with electro-mobiles. Not everyone drives an electric car, and gasmobiles cause exhaust in tunnels.

    Create "skateboards" for petrol-based vehicles within the tunnels. You drive your car up onto the skateboard, and the skateboard whisks you around through the tunnels. Exhaust is practically eliminated.

    Maybe charge a $5 fee for using the skateboard, and the Boring Co. maintains them in good condition.

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