Tesla Model Y Will Be Top Selling Car By Revenue in 2022

Elon Musk said that the Model 3 was the top-selling luxury sedan in the world in Q1 2021. Model 3 outsold combustion engine cars. Elon Musk said that Model Y will become the top-selling car of any kind in 2022.

The Ford F-150 had 787,000 sales in the US in 2020.

Toyota sold about 1.5 million Corollas globally in 2019.

Elon clarified his statement about Model Y being top selling by revenue in 2022 and total units in 2023.

This would mean about one million Model Y in 2022 and 1.5M+ in 2023. Average selling price of about $24,000 for the Corolla and $44,000 for the Model Y.

Elon says Tesla is developing the strongest hardware and software AI companies in the world. Tesla will be viewed more as an AI and robotics company as much as energy and electric car company.

Solar and Batteries are needed at the local level and batteries at the utility level to stabilize and support the future renewable grid. Tesla is requiring Powerwall batteries with all solar power installations. This will simplify the installation. The systems will all look the same electrically. The complexity of breaker boxes and utility integration will be removed.

Tesla plans to have 2000-2500 Model S and X per week (104000 to 130,000 Model S and X per year).

Tesla will buy double the batteries from its battery suppliers within 12 months.
Tesla will be at mass production of the new 4860 batteries within 12 months.

SOURCES – Tesla, Car and Driver
Written By Brian Wang, Nextbigfuture.com (Brian owns shares of Tesla)

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  1. I see pros and cons here.
    Con: Tesla can't build out without infrastructure.
    Pro: The demand for Teslas will drive the rollout of needed infrastructure.

    If the demand is high enough, we'll get the better batteries, the improved power grid, and all the rest. People underestimated the demand for the automobile and yelled, "Get a horse!"

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