TSMC Expanding Capacity with $30B in 2021 and $70B in 2022, 2023

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) raised its 2021 capital expenditure target to $30 billion which is up from the $28 billion plan in January.

TSMC CEO C.C. Wei said TSMC expects to invest about $100 billion during the next three years to increase capacity and R&D for leading-edge and specialty technologies.

80% of the budget will go to leading process technologies, including 3nm, 5nm and 7nm, with the remaining 10% earmarked for advanced packaging and mask making, and about 10% for specialty technologies.

By technology, 5nm process technology contributed 14% of total wafer revenue in 1Q21 while 7nm accounted for 35%. Advanced technologies (7nm and below) accounted for 49% of total wafer revenue.

By platform, Smartphone and HPC represented 45% and 35% of net revenue respectively, while IoT, Automotive, DCE, and Others each represented 9%, 4%, 4%, and 3%.

Highlights from the first quarter investor presentation are as follows:

Written by Brian Wang, Nextbigfuture.com

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  1. Hey Brian,

    When I go to the NBF home page, the newest article listed is from the 20th April.

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  2. TSMC is the world's premier, and arguably most important manufacturer of microprocessors. Maybe this will make defending Taiwan from Communist aggression worthwhile. The current chip shortage due to covid fab shutdowns is causing havoc now. Imagine if TSMC fabs were blown up, or just unable to operate because of war for a few years. Even if the PRC rapidly won the war, who knows if the fabs would ever get back to normal.

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