Another SpaceX SN15 Starship Launch Attempt

SpaceX is in the process of another attempted launch of the Starship SN15.

Several SpaceX Starships have made it the ten-kilometer altitude. There was one that safely landed but then it blew up in the minutes after landing.

The SN15 is the first of a new batch of Starship prototypes and it has had many design improvements. Hopefully those improvements are enough for a successful flight and successful landing.

SOURCES : NASAspaceflight
Written By Brian Wang,

15 thoughts on “Another SpaceX SN15 Starship Launch Attempt”

  1. They need to do a full inspection of SN15 before thinking about sending it up again. First, they need to find out why it was leaking fuel. And why the video fail. They also need to take a look at the legs to check for damages. If it was up to me I would take the engines apart and look for wear.

  2. good job SpaceX, knowing Muskrat impatience and obsession with speed, we should see orbital test soon, maybe even in May

  3. Well, looks like they got the fire put out. So, tentatively a successful landing, certainly didn't crash.

  4. It was very visibly tipping over at the point they blew it, so, yes, safety so that it didn't fall over THEN blow up.

  5. wow, she came down extreme close to the edge of the pad, a few feet over and it would have tipped probably…

  6. skirt still on fire, one tiny fire monitor giving it its all to try to put out the flame…

  7. "There was one that safely landed but then it blew up in the minutes after landing."

    I think it's a bit of a stretch to call a landing where you blow up a few minutes later due to the nature of the landing a "safe" landing. Maybe a "mostly intact" landing?

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