AscendEx Launching SHOPX

AscendEx will Launch SHOPX on May 6, 2021. This will provide access to the high-utility e-commerce token of the Splyt E-commerce Protocol.

AscendEx was founded in 2018 as AscendEx is a crypto and digital asset financial platform for professional and retail traders. It offers spot, futures and margin trading, and supports key elements of DeFi (decentralized finance).

Decentralized finance are financial services on public blockchains and primarily have used Ethereum. You can do most of the things that banks support like earn interest, borrow, lend, buy insurance, trade derivatives, trade assets. It is faster, doesn’t require paperwork or a third party.

IP addresses from United States of America are currently NOT allowed to register on AscendEX.

SHOPX is integrated into the Splyt Protocol in the following ways:

* As the internal medium of exchange in Splyt, shoppers can use SHOPX to receive exclusive shopper rewards.
* Brands and sellers stake tokens to list their products, which upholds their integrity and protects against fraud.
* Users can stake tokens on unique brand NFTs to access rewards and discounts.
* Disputes are settled with staked tokens as collateral.
* Arbitrators, Validators, and developers/bug fixers are rewarded with SHOPX for their services.
* Token holders vote on system updates and fixes based on consensus, staking tokens to reserve their voting power.

Splyt is known as the Marketplace of Marketplaces. They want to decentralize e-commerce and introduce d-commerce to the mainstream.

SOURCES- Splyt, Ascendex
Written By Brian Wang,

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