China Mars Rover Zhu Rong Has Successfully Landed

China has become the third country in the world to safely land a rover on Mars. The United States and the former Soviet Union were the first two countries to land rovers and Mars mission.

“The scientific research team confirmed via the telemetry signal sent by the Zhu Rong Mars rover that on May 15, the Tianwen-1 Lander successfully landed in the pre-selected landing area in the Utopia Plain of southern Mars,” CNSA said.

Zhu Rong is part of China’s first Mars probe, Tianwen-1, which was launched in July 2020 with three parts – orbiter, lander and rover. The probe reached Mars and started orbiting in February.

Protected by a heat shield, China’s Mars landing craft carrying the rover had to detach itself from the orbiter 70km above the surface, before hurtling towards the surface at a speed of nearly 5km per second.

Written By Brian Wang,

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