Comma AI Open Source Self Driving Car Software

Comma AI has two self-driving cars products called Openpilot and Comma two. Comma had about $5 million in annual revenue in 2020. They have 40 million miles of driving data collected from drivers using its inexpensive off-the-shelf electronics. George Hotz is the Founder and President of They have raised $8.1 million in funding.

The Comma Two is a niche product for enthusiasts. The hardware costs $999 with an additional $200 cable needed. For regulatory and liability reasons, customers have to install the OpenPilot software onto the Comma Two.

Comma AI has a staff of 20.

Almost all cars after 2016 have electronic power steering. Electronics can be controlled by acceleration and braking.

Comma is open source self-driving system designed to run on a smartphone. Early Comma users are modifying their own cars to take steering inputs from Comma’s smartphone-based software. The data harvested is used to improve the software in much the same way as Tesla. Comma does not use lidar. Comma wants be the low cost Android to Tesla’s Apple.

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