First Lunar Ice Mission in 2022

Intuitive Machines is developing the Nova-C lander which they want to send to the surface of the moon in early 2022. It will be powered by their VR900 engine, and replete with innovative avionics for advanced guidance, navigation and control. “IM-1” is capable of carrying 130kg of cargo, and will ferry numerous experiments to the lunar surface by Early 2022.

IM-2 will follow up in 2022 with our second flight, as we become the first object to land at the South Pole, use the Moon’s first ice drill, deploy our micro-Nova “hopper” – a rover to test the Nokia LTE network.

8 thoughts on “First Lunar Ice Mission in 2022”

  1. getting a NEO in cislunar is just as, if not more, important than spattering the Moon with kit. Lovely machines and trinkets on the lunar surface doesn't expand much if we can't get a more stable source of building materials and/or fuel/ O2 nearby.

  2. …and this is just the locals – china, india, and other up-and-comers (re-comers) have lunar missions this decade… interesting to see how many have 'a Gateway' type of approach.

  3. should be more than NASA, ESA, etc., giving out these grants and awards. Let's pepper the moon with the hundreds of research objectives that would lead to insitu construction, resource exploitation, and research/ observation base goals pre-2030. Unclear on the number of launch vehicles and pads available to such an outfit.

  4. Aggressive timeline. Research/ commercialization objectives appear less defined than the vehicles and flight mechanics.

  5. Probably because Apollo brought home enough data and samples people found going back to the Moon uninteresting. I'll agree it was stupid.

  6. Well, they have a working engine, and a nice building and website. Do they have the funding to finish the whole package? I don't know.

    I wish them luck, though.

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