German Rocket Startup ISAR Aerospace

ISAR Aerospace is a 3-year-old German rocket startup. They are making small rockets in the Rocketlab size class.

ISAR’s rocket is called Spectrum. It is a two-stage launch vehicle that is specifically designed for satellite constellation deployment. Payload capabilities of up to 1’000kg to low-earth orbit and a multi-ignition second stage engine enable flexible access to space for major satellite systems. Spectrum is designed to handle the most challenging mission parameters and offers engine-out capability on the first stage for highest mission success.

They expect to have a first launch in 2022.

Written By Brian Wang,

3 thoughts on “German Rocket Startup ISAR Aerospace”

  1. Can't see this being cost-effective for satellite constellations; The scaling on rockets really is not favorable to smaller rockets, and constellations require many launches with a small payload like this.

    I thinks Starlink is demonstrating that you just need to get them up there, and use enhanced station keeping rockets to move them into the proper orbit.

  2. My hunch is that if Europe is to react to the threat of SpaceX, it will have to be outside of ESA's bureaucracy and self indulgence.

    I mean, they can't even muster the will to produce a viable reusable rocket plan yet. With all the several years of warning they already had.

    Wishing these new guys the best of luck.

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