Israel Air Strikes Hamas Tunnels

160 Israeli aircraft were part of a massive attack on the network of Hamas tunnels in northern Gaza. According to the IDF, the air campaign lasted nearly 40 minutes, some 450 missiles were dropped on 150 targets in northern Gaza, particularly around the city of Beit Lahiya. In all, 80 tons of explosives were used. The strike were made after there was misinformation provided to non-Israeli media (CBS, NY Times, Washington Post etc…) that Israel was entering Gaza with ground troops. The misinformation was to lure more of Hamas into the tunnels to fend off an Israeli ground attack.

All media-reported information on the war will need more verification. Misinformation will be used in military and political conflicts. Recent depositions of US reporters in lawsuits have found that many US reporters are not properly labeling opinion. Many US reporters have also gotten reports wrong by only using one source. Previously, the standard for reporting was to use multiple independent sources. Using single sources of information makes it easy for military and intelligence services to get misinformation reported.

The Sun was provided video of the bombing. The videos show about ten missile strikes.

SOURCES – The Sun, Times of Israel
Written By Brian Wang,

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  1. This conflict began over a thousand years ago and it needs to end (I understand that's a gross oversimplification and that I don't know the whole history). I suppose that's also a blanket statement addressing humanity as a whole, saying that we need to realize that our tribal nature has become a useless hunk of baggage that serves only to perpetuate suffering.

    "But it's necessary to protect ourselves!"
    It USED to be. Not anymore. If you're tribal and clique-ish and into revenge nowadays, you're just Regina George from Mean Girls (for anyone who gets that reference). … Well okay that's a boy harsh, but still… lol.

    I have sympathy for everyone who is suffering from this. It's unnecessary in both sides. Obviously people on both sides feel threatened and innocent people have been displaced and killed. Should there be revenge? Never. Should both sides stop killing each other for good? Absolutely.

  2. There were (false) rumors going around that Israel deployed chemical weapons too. It's probably not smart for Israel to use the international media for disinformation when it risks angering them. Especially since they are normally on Israel's side.

  3. This is not, actually, a science news blog.

    It's a "Future" News blog (site, whatever).

    As it happens, science and tech are a huge, arguably dominant, determinant of the future. But other things have a say too, including politics and war.

  4. If you don't believe someone has a right to exist, and express that with vitriol and splattering saliva…long enough…they may just decide you don't have a right to exist either. How much does Israel have to take? Some itches get scratched. This is not a right or wrong thing, it is psychology. 
    The Palestinians have had many offers of peace through the decades…they want this ridiculous war of rocks vs supersonic jets.
    Arafat was a fraud. He did not want peace, because he was making millions counterfeiting US, and Israeli currency, while receiving millions in donations from deluded people in the West. Whoever is running the show in Palestinian territory now is probably playing by the same rule-book: Play the victim, and keep poking the dog, while getting rich collecting donations, and counterfeiting.

  5. This has nothing to do with science and technology. It is Israeli revenge attacks on Hamas, which has long been on a mantra of at least 10 dead for every Israeli casualty. I’m not supporting Hamas, nor objecting to Israel’s right to defend itself, but it is laughable for Israel to suggest it is bombing these areas only to take out Hamas military infrastructure. There is a dimension of revenge, as there has been in Israeli military doctrine in these territories for decades.

  6. I really don't get why this is on a "Science News Blog" unless it's being cynically used to "drive user engagement" by triggering a flame war.

  7. The most pressing need is to attack the missile launchers, they are located mostly underground sheltered and fortified and fed by tunnels. They can only be taken out with a direct powerful hit, especially when they are exposed at around the time of the launch, when they are more vulnerable. Their taking out from the air is moving on, but slowly. Here is a technological challenge that is still needed to be addressed by Israel and others.

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